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The most important things in this show are:

  • Hot Dad King

That is all.

A: Why should I trust you?
B: You shouldn’t.


And they actually set up their Dragon Turtles moment in this show, unlike last time.


I mean was going to say the most important thing in the show is the widespread normalization of people who stand outside of the heteronormative ableist patriarchy, but yeah sure dad butts are good too.

Also the parrot. The parrot is clutch.


Can’t wait to watch an animated parrot lay their clutch of eggs.


Love Death + Robots came out today on Netflix.


Back in November, I posted a trailer for a stop-motion anime called Rilakkuma and Kaoru (see responded post). Netflix posted a longer one.


Update on Netflix’s upcoming Evangelion redub:


Lots of people have nostalgia for that Evangelion dub, and are diappointed. But I always considered that dub to be complete trash, so no surprise Netflix would redo it. It will probably be a huge improvement. Even so, I’m obviously only watching the sub.


I am nostalgic for the original dub, I’ve watched it that way so many times that anything else would sound really weird. But I’m not upset about getting a new cast for a new generation of potential fans, the new dub will probably be better because the craft has had 20 years to improve. I understand if the original cast feels a little betrayed though, and they have the right to be upset about that.

That being said, I have the platinum edition set, so I can always do the original dub when I want to. The next time I watch it is going to be Katie’s first time though, so I’ll leave it to her to decide how we watch it.


The original dub was bad even when it was new.


Teenage me remembers it being better than most dubs at the time, but teenage me also watched a lot of bad dubbed anime. I haven’t watched it in a decade, so today me may agree more with you on a rewatch.


So I finished the first season of She-Ra. Overall it was an okay series. I couldn’t help but notice the animation quality takes a dive after three or so episodes in. I was kind of expecting more of a back story on Adora but didn’t get one. And Glimmer kind of got on my nerves. Catra and Scorpia make a great team/couple though. Swift Wind needs a better voice actor also.


Pretty much marathon watched all of Love Death+Robots last week. Some of the episodes are pretty trash but overall, I really enjoyed it. Anyway, here’s an AMV:


The duds for me were The Dump, Ice Age, and Alternate Histories. I’m torn on the The Witness because it’s very clearly an art piece and plays like a tech demo for Enter the Spiderverse but doesn’t have much to it beyond the visuals.

Zima Blue was the standout best for me, striking visuals and a great short story. Would also put Sucker of Souls, Suits, Good Hunting, and Blind Spot as the cream of the crop. I desperately want Sucker of Souls to be turned into a series, got some serious Venture Bros. vibes from it with a more serious bend towards the action/adventure genre.

As a side note, when Googling the episode list I’m getting Youtube recommendations for “ending of episode X explained!” What the fuck? None of the episodes are even the least bit ambiguous.

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I saw the first episode of the new Ultraman show last night. While I’m intrigued by the premise, I just kept getting put off by the animation motion, which looks like a jerky FMV video from an original Playstation game.

Like, the art is fine, but the characters move in such an unnatural and stiff way that I was super distracted. I know people had the same type of complaints about the first season of the Dragon Prince, but that never really bothered me. But this was really bad.


I caught the first few epsiodes of the Netflix Ultraman show yesterday(I had actually totally forgot it was coming out). The animation for that show is definitely not at the top of the pack as far as CG anime is concerned, but I wouldn’t call it bad either. The effects actually remind a lot of what you’d see from a Tokusatsu show circa early 2010s. I’m not sure if that’s an intentional stylistic nod or if that’s more a factor of their budget. I did get a kick out of half of the fight scenes respecting what suit actors can do, so the fight scenes are very reminiscent of Professional Wrestling.

@Josh I actually marathoned the new She Ra show when it first came out. The show definitely has some issues, but on the whole I really enjoyed it. The relationship between Catra and Adora is really compelling, and the stuff with Shadow Weaver really works super well. The stuff with the rest of the princesses doesn’t have as much room to breath, so I’m not sure if it didn’t get the proper room to be explored or if it just doesn’t work super well.

Honestly, I feel like the biggest problem with the show is that the most interesting characters and dynamics in the show are happening on team bad guy.

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Here’s an interesting video from a professional animator on what Netflix looks for in their animated pitches.

I’d also recommend subscribing to his channel. You can learn a lot about pitching to different networks and the animation process.

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Alex Hirsch’s new series has been announced.

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