Netflix Animated Shows

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All I want is more of exactly what the first two seasons of GitS:SAC gave me. Just more of that forever.

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GitS:SAC 84th gig: The Major investigates an international criminal group mining Bitcoins by hacking smart thermostats. Aramaki tries to hire an IT guy to fix Section 9’s 3D printer.


That’s genius, I might make a “handwarmer” app for smartphones that’s just bitcoin mining.


Kipo returns June 12!

This post reminds me of those star trek season 9 twitter feeds.

Adult Swim has rescued Tuca & Bertie from cancellation.

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Is this the first time a network TV channel rescued a streaming show?

Animated shows often get passed around networks (Futurama, American Dad, of the top of my head) so I don’t think this is out of the ordinary. Adult Swim, Titmouse, and Williams Street give tons of independent creators a shot so i’m optimistic that things will go well.

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Nope, One Day at a Time (2017) was a Netflix show saved by a network.

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I’m crazy excited about more Tuca and Bertie. That show was a triumph. It hid hard. It was extremely funny, extremely weird, and yet somehow remained extremely real. The emotional beats were dead on.

Also now that CastleVania’s end is nearing and She Ra is done, I need a continuing pipeline of good animation to watch.

You have no idea how real this is. This is cybersecurity in a nutshell.

“She-Ra and the Princesses of Power” was amazing!
I legit cried a couple of times.
Go watch it!

really enjoyed Dorohedoro. I’m fully on board for it’s gory trashpunk aesthetic. (K)NoW_NAME killed it with the soundtrack. It has some of the most enjoyable and natural friendships I’ve seen in any media in a long time. The plot moves and the humor lands.

Spoiler free plot: there are magic users, their magic is pollution. They practice their magic on undesirables in a trash city. The story follows a pair from the trash city tracking down the sorcerer that cursed them and clash with a crime family of elite sorcerers. It’s got excellent subtext about classism and how it’s the system itself that creates oppression.

I only have a couple complaints with the first season. There are a couple “eccentric” characters and of course they are queer coded as fuck. There is also a plot point where an otherwise strong female character is essentially forced into a relationship and mind controlled. It has a lot of sexual assault subtext and is treated way too casually. It’s resolved quickly but it feels like they’re setting the character to get damseled again. I’m reading the manga and we’ll see if it’s endemic to the story or a shitty adaptation.

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