Nazis marching in America


They weren’t exactly underground to people who faced hate/discrimination/violence from them in less public arenas. General public discourse hand waved them away. So, less hand waving, more punching (metaphorically, at minimum) = good to me.


In case you’re wondering what kind of penalty you may face for Nazi punching…


Read the whole thread. It’s hilarious watching this guy lose his shit.

EDIT: Here’s a close-up of the image at the top.


“By the looks of your opsec, you would probably shoot yourself in the dick”

I’m dying :joy:

Also good job whoever this is not rising to the bait to make explicit threats.



If you import my twitter blocklist, it covers a huge number of nazis, gomergaters, and harassment mobs.






UPDATE: A total of ZERO right-wingers showed up at Stone Mountain.