Nazis marching in America


It’s almost as if they were trying to show that reality is shades of grey. :thinking:


I’m pretty sure the original story, of when DeAndre Harris was originally arrested for defending himself against a bunch of white supremacists, was posted in this forum. His case finally went before a judge and he was aquitted of all charges.

“A black man brutally beaten at last year’s white supremacist “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville — and who was later charged with assaulting a white nationalist — was acquitted Friday.”


I remember this. The story originally was something to the effect of, some white supremacist was friends with a pseudo-judge (magistrate I think) and because of that was able to get an arrest warrant put on Mr. Harris.

I guess this is the system working as intended since he got off no problem still, that magistrate should be… well not a magistrate anymore at the very least.


I’m not exactly sure how magistrates are chosen in Virginia, but apparently two bills were proposed that applies more oversight to them:


It is a state job you apply for like a normal job. I actually applied to be a magistrate, there are no state laws about qualifications. Localities set their own standards though most require a bachelor’s degree at the bare minimum and prefer J.D.'s. or at the very least a very experienced paralegal. I am told a lot of them are people who have their J.D. but haven’t passed the bar or found an actual lawyer job yet, but in some places there are magistrates who are Sheriff Billy Bob’s second cousin who needs a job.


I should apply to be one! I wonder how much they pay.


Turns out punching works.



If anybody wants to see MAGA-asshats getting beaten up for entertainment, I think we found a solution.


"An Arkansas man has been convicted of malicious wounding for beating a black man during a white nationalist rally last year in Charlottesville, Va.

Jacob Scott Goodwin, 23, will be sentenced in August. The jury is recommending 10 years in prison and a $20,000 fine, local TV station NBC 29 reports."


I mean, I’m pleased by this, but in a sense I shouldn’t be

I’m pleased by this because this happening isn’t normal, so when justice actually occurs I get pleased.

Justice being served should be the default.


While I’m 100% in favor of punching Nazis, I am also deeply into the public humiliation of them and their fellow-travelers.


I spent the whole video wondering if the sign was made of coroplast.


That is in downtown Seattle. Also:

It gets better:


Sartre on Nazis:


Same for ironic sexists and ironic anything else-ists. Much younger Scott was often guilty of some “get back in the kitchen” jokes. Even though I was honestly joking, I don’t make those “jokes” anymore, and I’ll dispense shame on anyone who does.


Proud Boys doing us proud