Nazis marching in America


When I leave the city in basically any direction I’ll see Confederate flags, usually paired with a US flag or a don’t tread on me. But anything other than pride, sport, or local city flags raise some alarms when I’m in town.

At pride this year I saw a pride rainbow / don’t tread on me flag, which on paper makes sense I guess.


The don’t tread on me license plate is quite popular down here in NoVA.


I’ve been thinking about getting two flags since I’ve got two flag holders on my front porch, I was thinking going with a Pennsylvania flag and some sort of geeky one, but I haven’t found a geek flag beyond a Federation flag that looks good.


Alabama is poised to join Virginia, Arizona, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas in allowing residents to choose a license tag with the Gadsden flag. A lot of states have this.


Every time I see one all I think is “I’m a retarded single issue voter”


Hrm, tough sell really. All the good flags out there are for countries and cities that I don’t live in. For me personally it’d just be the Sicillian flag because it’s where mom was born. I don’t love this flag because I think some of the detail is too fine but it’s got medusa on it, kinda makes up for some short falls.

That and the Canadian flag. Because it’s where I was born.


If you can get a good New Republic or Rebel flag that might work.


Is there a flag for the internet yet?


Goatse surrounded by cats rampant



Pride this year had issues with gay Republicans complaining they felt unsafe and unwelcome. I WONDER WHY ffs.


You want “Goatse proper,” so that you can reproduce it in its natural colors. Gotta make sure to get that blazon right!


Will someone fund my research into cyberspace heraldry?


Pride flag is like the Mexican flag to me. I don’t feel irked or disturbed by it, but it’s not something I feel represents me in anyway. In some ways it’s worse cause I feel like it should but doesn’t.


Reminds me of my simplified comparison between patriotism and nationalism.

Patriotism is cheering for your country’s team at the Olympics.

Nationalism is bombing the country that beat your country’s team at the Olympics.


Everyone should just fly the Provo flag on their front lawn.



Provo’s old vitamin logo was the best worst city flag. I’m sad they got rid of it.


If I had a streetside house I would have to seriously consider flying the Minutemen flag from FO4.


This guy?


Unless the Underground has a flag I’m forgetting about.


I’ve never played fallout four so I just googled for it. Wasn’t sure if I had it right. Or if there’s like more than one minutemen or something