Nazis marching in America


Holy shit. Witness guy had consumed over 800mg of THC. That can’t be right. 80 I can sorta believe because that’s like 8 edibles.

But yes. When I found out this happened in Seattle my heart smiled.

Also, @no_fun_girl:




I gear this in Hitchcock’s voice.


Of course. But it’s not like anyone has come into this thread to propound the merits of fascism; not that I’ve noticed, anyway. One could argue that some arguments in this thread have been pro-Nazi in effect despite not being so in intent; indeed, some forumites in this thread seem to want to infer such intent on the part of others as well. But if you ignore an argument simply because you think it’s what the Nazis want you to think, you are potentially in possession of a fully general counterargument, and that’s not a good thing.

That said, even straight-up pro-Nazi arguments can be worth listening to; not for any kind of consideration of the merits, but rather to analyze them and see what makes them tick. If one really wants to be effective at fighting propaganda (which was and is the Nazis’ most powerful weapon) one needs to understand it first.

I don’t think we have any actual “both sides” people here on the forum, at least not vocal ones. But even without those people the existence of the “both sides” narrative makes the discussion very difficult indeed. Unless they do it very carefully, anyone pushing back against even the most extreme views will be viewed (perhaps correctly) as aiding the Nazis’ cause.


Who’d have thought that this thread title didn’t explicitly state contemporary.

Turns out in 1939, 20,000 nazis marched on MSG. 100,000 protested it. Someone has taken all the archive footage of the event and edited it together.


Is anyone else starting to fear the American flag? The opening act for a band I saw Tuesday night had one draped over their merch table and, not knowing them at all (they turned out to be 60s liberation types) I was afraid of the crowd they were gonna draw. I have to remind myself that John Brown wanted to keep the Star Spangled Banner after his revolution to stay calm when I see the flag now.


When I see a car flying the flag I tend to assume they’re crazy/racist/fascist/etc.


I don’t feel quite that strongly about it, but I do think someone flying the American flag from their car outside of certain holidays (July 4th, Veterans’ Day, Memorial Day, etc.) is at the minimum trying to compensate for something.


I feel like if America was really this awesome we wouldn’t have to say it so much. :stuck_out_tongue:


I wish I could SUPER like this comment.


The more prominent the American flag is in any context, the more guarded I am.


Gov’t contracting is not for you. :stuck_out_tongue:


My reaction to the American flag ranges from “Fuck yeah!” to “Oh fuck no!” depending entirely on context.

Fuck yeah context: I’m at the Olympics watching USA hockey! Wooo! U S A, U S A!

Meh context: The flag is in a place it belongs like on a flagpole outside a government building, behind a politician who is speaking, on a boat, etc.

Fuck no context: If the flag is any place where it totally does not belong, like stuck in the sand on the beach and it’s not the 4th of July. Also, even in places the flag does belong, it really bothers me when there are just way too many flags. Rockefeller Center usually has one flag from every country, but last year around election time it was 100% US flags. Creepy as fuck.


Fun fact. Flags are used differently in different places. In Denmark, it is somewhat common to use the flag to celebrate a birthday, just a bunch of danish flags just like stuck in a random lawn on a random day. Just means they’re celebrating. I’d kinda freak if that happened here.


I remember a friend of mine who used to wear a Soviet hat (genuine vintage) and one day an old Russian came over and said “do you know how many suffered under that symbol?” and I want to do that to everyone flying our flag.


Japan is really leery about showing the flag too prominently because of World War Two nationalism and militarism and association with right wingers and reactionaries. I think the only place I remember seeing it regularly flown was on school grounds. My visas, entry stamps, resident card, none of them had the hi no maru on them as far as I can recall. Most had a sakura blossom crest instead.


Welcome to the party. The only flags that remotely make me feel safe are the pride flags. And even those are dangerous when paired with unexamined privilege. (A different scale, though, thankfully)


I long developed a distrust of people who aren’t in the military with flags. And even my chums in the service aren’t all bells and whistles over it.


Really? I see it all the time. It might not be on the official documents but its around in a shit ton of places if you look. Also suuuuper uncomfortable doing a ‘banzai’ cheer after sports festival.


About those flags