Nazis marching in America


That’s the thing about so many Confederate statues; they aren’t about teaching history, it’s about the rejection of the present. A vast majority of the statues were put up during or after the Civil Rights movement. As people of colour were gaining rights, white supremacists felt the need to assert their dominance in the public square. They might as well be hanging bronze nooses from trees. “Remember, these are our heroes. This is what we remember fondly.”


OH I am super well versed in those statues, I’m just pointing out that we should replace them with more Union statues kicking their ass or statues of the Slaves being liberated from them.


We need John Brown monuments all over Kansas.


In 1775 the Continental Congress created local governments to protect rebel law, run by Committees of the Continental Association. The Philadelphia Committee issued a statement I have yet to find the full text of but the quote reproduced in Alan Taylor’s American Revolutions: A Continental History is “no person has the right to the protection of a community or society which he wishes to destroy” which really needs to be said more often.


Wow, is that a quote I can see being abused. Hoo boy!


It’s a quote I love from a group I hate. The Continental Association was more totalitarian than British rule as far as civil liberties go. Here’s the passage from Taylor’s book that surrounds the quote.

“Going door-to-door, committeemen [of the Continental Association] urged every man and woman to sign the association or suffer the consequences. Inviting everyone to spy on their neighbors, the committees ferreted out, seized, and burned stashes of [British] tea and conservative books while a crowd gathered at the county courthouse to hoot at the culprits. After confessing, the suspects had to ignite the condemned items in festive bonfires that rallied public support for the new committees and intimidated the wavering.

“Shaming and shunning usually sufficed in intimate communities of colonial America, so only the most persistent and vocal conservatives suffered violence. In Connecticut, Dr Abner Beebe continued to deride Congress, so a mob seized him. According to a friend, Beebe was ‘stripped naked, and hot Pitch was poured upon him, which blistered his skin. He was then carried to a Hog Sty and rubbed over with Hog’s Dung. They threw the Hog’s Dung in his Face and rammed some of it down his Throat… His house was attacked, his Windows broke.’

“Acting in the name of liberty, the committees suppressed speech by their critics. The Philadelphia Committee insisted that ‘no person has the right to the protection of a community or society which he wishes to destroy… by speeches and writings’ which ‘aid and assist our enemies.’ Patriots broke open mail to read letters from suspected critics of Congress. A merchant begged his correspondents to censor their words because ‘the temper of the people is such that misconstructions are put on the most innocent expressions’ by ‘those who call themselves the Assertors of American Freedom.’”


Is it OK to punch Stalinists?


They mostly punch each other already.


Okay I keep seeing Twitter rumblings that Juggalos are going to fight Trumpers/ Fascists in DC??? Juggalos vs Nazis sounds like a bad on purpose B movie.


It’s more along the lines that the Juggalos are having some sort of event at the same time that some Trumpers/Fascists are having one and the Juggalos are like, “if you start shit, we’re going to finish it” or something to that effect.


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George Washington snagged the first spot. But the General Assembly voted down other favorite sons — Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe — in favor of Lee. The Washington Post reported that there was “some thought that perhaps the time was inopportune, and that the matter would be better deferred.”

When the rest of the country found out about it, there was “a plentiful stirring up of sectional feeling,” the New York Times reported. An Idaho senator called it a “desecration.” Then-Rep. Charles Curtis (Kan.) said: “I think it is a disgrace. He was a traitor to his country, and I will not sanction an official honor for a traitor.”

Other Kansas politicians threatened to send a statue of John Brown, the Kansas abolitionist who led an armed insurrection at Harpers Ferry, Va., to the Capitol. (At the time of the insurrection, Harpers Ferry was part of Virginia. It is now in West Virginia.) A Michigan congressman submitted a sarcastic bill to build a Brown statue in Richmond.


I’m embarrassed that my state didn’t send Sumner.


Also, ICP is extremely anti-racist. Like, it’s a founding principal in their music. But, because it’s goofy ass Rob Zombie Hot Topic shit that rural white kids like, everyone assumes they’re white supremacists.


But isn’t ICP also extremely sexist and also “how do magnets work?” religious nutty?


Oh yeah. ICP is as misogynistic as any pop music you’ll hear (very). That’s not to excuse it.

As for their anti-science stuff, I’ve listened to exactly one song of theirs more than once, so I’m no expert.

I mostly just brought it up because them clashing with Nazis is no surprise, but is surprising to many.


I don’t know about “nutty” religious, but they’re Christians, yeah. The whole Dark Carnival mythos is their extended metaphor for heaven and Christianity and such.

I know way more about ICP than I oughta.


Respect to 41 & 43


It’s my understanding that as a general theme Juggalos are supposed to be extremely inclusive. Which is why there are always jokes about the Gathering, despite being really fucking weird and seemingly frightening, is actually full of really friendly people. Generally because I think the point is that it’s supposed to be the “misfits of society” or something along those lines. I think ICPs musical content still falls in to a lot of the same tropes as other rap music though. So you still get misogynistic, homophobic, etc. I’m not sure that the members of ICP themselves are really any of those things, but the music they make is.

Most of this is second hand knowledge though so I could be wrong. I’ve just known a few Juggalos through life and have only briefly listened to the music, so my knowledge is probably fragmented.


They didn’t say “white supremacy”, tho :frowning: . This is just “both sides” from Republicans who don’t have brains made of tapioca, imo.

In these times, I really think an explicit rejection of white supremacy should be a litmus test for which politicians are worth a damn, GOP or Dem or other. I don’t care if they don’t call it out because they don’t believe it exists or they don’t want to alienate potential voters. Same with reproduction rights, same with gay rights, same with economic justice. We’re learning more and more that giving these people a pass because we’re pretty sure we know what they really mean but can’t say it out loud is a luxury we can no longer afford.