Nazis marching in America

Discovered via r/propagandaposters, which has some fascinating/horrifying stuff:

That one is based on an anti-Japanese poster from WWII. I think this version is better without the racial slur.

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Ok, Boston. You’ve sucked recently at everything except sports. Can we trust you to handle this?

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Fifteen characters of nah.

This weekend saw the Proud Boys marching in Portland related to the recent milita threats. A counter-protest unfortunately turned violent. A right-wing reporter/propagandist was attacked and according to his lawyer suffered a brain bleed, though how credible that is can be debated. Of course the narrative is being spun that it’s all the fault of antifa groups. What’s even less credible are supposed reports that the milkshakes that have been distributed by the counter-protesters had quick-dry cement mixed in. This is of course a false narrative spun deliberately by right-wing sources, which unwittingly the Portland police amplifying when they released a statement that they have received reports about cement in milk-shakes. Who reported that is of course (not) a mystery.

The right wing reactionary bully force is in full effect on social media right now. Plus we’re having a revisit of the “Should you actually punch Nazis?” debate.

I guess if any city would have news going around about cement milkshakes it would be Portland

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It’s bullshit. It went from acting like a couple scuffs and bruises is a dire injury, to a concussion, to a brain hemorrhage, honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if he was in full traction and on life support by tomorrow afternoon.

I’m not so sure it was unwittingly, considering Portland PD were caught working with the proud boys a few months ago.


Yeah, this reeks of them being over-credulous for reasons.

Cement in milkshake is bullshit. They only whine about it, because it gives lie to the narrative that “The people who oppose us are dangerous.”

The sugar in milkshakes would prevent any kind of cement to harden. Also the person who got hurt has a reputation of doxxing reporters to the alt-right, so he can piss off. Dude, was taking pictures from the “ER”, which basically means he’s not seriously hurt enough. Otherwise he wouldn’t be taking or tweeting pictures, because he wouldn’t have his phone.

I’m getting real sick of alt-right crocodile tears. I wish there was an effective way to call them out on it.

Personally I’m not all that concerned if there was cement in the shakes or not. If someone gave an alt right shitheel a concussion or worse and got away with it they’re a hero in my book.

Actual alt right tears from being in severe pain.

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Help them shed real tears instead.

My god…antifa went to Culver’s!



Have to do a better job with those glitter bombs. you want a small cardboard box that doesn’t make any noise when you shake it. When opened, the glitter should be forcefully ejected via some kind of mechanism.

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When even the Zodiac Killer is calling you out for fucking up, you have to look inward and question whether you’ve lost your way


The sack of shit who ran over Heather Heyer with a car has been sentenced to life plus 419 years. Good.

That however is little solace now that there is literally a Gestapo-equivalent rounding up people in U.S. streets and sticking them into concentration camps.