Music you made!

I was surprised that I couldn’t find a thread like this since I know that there are musicians here.

Anyway, my band, Daybloom, just released an album. I provide lead vocals throughout and wrote half of the songs. The guitarist mixed it, as he has several other albums. It is best described as prog-folk, I guess. Anyway, enjoy and share your music, too!


“Appalachian Gothic” isn’t a term that exists yet but it’s the phrase my brain thought of listening to this. Really impressed.

I also just wanna add this because I remembered we had this thread and I like when there’s continuity.

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Sorry. I did a search and it didn’t come up.

No worries. It’s search function has been broken since it was archived so you have to Google around for threads and I really don’t expect anyone to care that much about continuity :slight_smile:

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It was broken long before the Great Archiving.

I really enjoyed that, Kate!

I’m super close to finishing an EP of chill spacey music, but have been stalled in the home stretch for the past month. I’ll get there eventually. Here, I uploaded a track off it to soundcloud.

After this I have a bunch of post punk tracks I think I can make into another EP.


Thanks! Your piece is lovely. It totally changed my mood in a good way.

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Starship Terra Nova S01E02!!!

It’s my science fiction horror comedy musical: Starship Terra Nova! In this episode, Simon comes up with a plan to get over a breakup.

It only took me a month longer than I thought to make this. I’m not sure what I’ve signed myself up for!

In case you missed the first track, I think I shared it in the forum before this thread was created: