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This is f i r e


Look all i’m asking for is 50,000 billion dollars… and grain of puffed wheat!

I found the source.

Last night at open mic, I shared a bill with a one hit wonder from the 70s. He does a weird Ruby Tuesday. Here’s his hit.

My fav NYC subway band is back with a kickass Halloween zombie album.

Your video made me look for another song of theirs, and I learned the Actual Cannibal Shia Labeouf guy was in Tally Hall.

It’s not out yet, but I’m hype.

I don’t have a walkman anymore, but I guess my Spotify will be burn.

This is what it’s gonna sound like:

Cute Girls Doing Cute Things dropped a new album last month and it’s one of go-tos for listening while working.

I just randomly remembered this song at work today. This was one of the tracks that got me into electronic industrial via EDM back when Pandora was new and I listened to it all the time at the student job at college. Been listening to it repeatedly since remembering it.

Neuroticfish - The Bomb

Found this on a radio show and was laughing my ass off.

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Knower is so Legit, and Louis Cole is one of my favorite drummers, he can get more beats out of a can than a lot of other people get out of prog monster drumkits. They also been part of the Snarky Puppy collective.

And my favorite performance from Cole as a drummer:

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The new Clipping. album is amazing, haunting, straight up freaky and disturbing at times.

This new music video is also:

In consideration of the weather today I’m enjoying the sonic treats of a Tropical Fuck Storm:

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