Miscellaneous Music Thread (Include a Description with your Embedded YouTube)

This video took me on a trip. I clicked on it expecting nothing and was hit with a huge wave of nostalgia, they sound like the type of bands I would play with back in uni. I then went to check out their facebook profile and sure enough, they come from the same music scene I used to be part of. :'D

Get it all here.

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Dem harmonies

A fun Utada Hikaru cover by Superorganism:

If that’s not enough for a click, think utada’s emotion evocative jpop style, with the strange quirkiness of a band with songs about prawns.

also it’s wild to me how popular muse is now… I was obsessed with Showbiz & Origin in high school. As to classical influence… some of their work contains direct rips of classical work.


Juliane just read a random tweet and said “hey, some guys did a study on music and created a song based on all the things people liked least…”

I said “check this out”, played it from my iTunes library and sang along with huge sections of it. I genuinely enjoy about 95% of this track, even at almost 22 minutes long. The other 5% is painful, but worth it.

Loving this teardrop cover:


I wish aurora would sound on her album how she sounds live, she’s so good.

New Lingua Ignota single

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Lizzo is that bitch. She’s been on repeat.

She NEEDS to be Ursula on the live action Little Mermaid .

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I’ve missed pomplemousse mashups. Don’t really get why they mixed that comment into the end >_> (and it’s a bit whitewashing & straightwashing) but excellently crafted as usual.


I’m gonna have to check out this place one of these days:

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I love her I love her I love her

oh and also on Colors…!