Media Analysis and Criticism


I’ll be quite honest here and say that when I first saw Fight Club, I was really into that film, though I definitely followed along with the film which in the end condemns Tyler Durden’s actions as the spiteful atrocities that they are. Thankfully I did not stop short like so many other audience members appear to have, who lionize Durden. Though I could understand that reading as well, I always felt that while the movie makes Tylers actions entertaining, they were also always grotesque to a degree.

A couple of years ago at the height of GamerGate Dan Olson, a.k.a. FoldableHuman, did a great analysis video of Fight Club. One thing that he emphasizes which I could never pinpoint before is how Project Mayhem rebuilds in miniature the corporate structures that the narrator is supposedly trying to rid himself of.

Now today I watched an even stronger analysis by Maggie Mae Fish which goes into even deeper and even bigger meta context, including Fincher’s editing style and how it kind of predicted (and with the above mentioned audience members also kind of “caused”) the resurgence in fascism. The strongest thing about this video is the central thesis with which it opens: That the film isn’t told from Jack’s perspective, but from Tyler’s, and that Jack is just a rhetorical device by Tyler to make Tyler more symphatetic.


Jaimetud is a YouTuber I’ve been watching for years. He finally brought back his popular series From Pages to Pictures after a hiatus spanning nearly two years. In this new episode, he compares A Christmas Story to Jean Shepherd’s books that inspired it.





Huh one of those titles sounds familiar, I wonder why oh it’s because it’s another famously bad Lilly Peet/Orchard video essay.


Nash Bozard (the Radio Dead Air guy) finally uploads some new scripted content, which he hasn’t done since 2017. He revives his series The Musical Chair with a retrospective on the history and importance of the 1959 Fender Bassman, and he also makes a custom build of his own.


Leon Thomas is planning an analysis on SNL’s political leanings…but only if he reaches his next Patreon goal. EDIT: He reached it.


Love the Polyphonic channel.

Never dug into Sinatra’s work much, but after this video might have to give this album a shot. I feel like I wish I’d heard it at certain times in the past.