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I absolutely love the tie-in vlog he did the other day too talking about Book Club. You can tell how deep he is into this project by how gleeful he gets pointing out discrepancies between how the characters in that movie talk about Fifty Shades and what actually goes on in the book.


Magdalen Rose (who I’ve been following for years, and you should, too) has been showing her young daughter cartoons that wouldn’t rot her brain, and they both became fascinated with the old She-Ra series from the 80s, and it inspired her to make this video. What elements make for a good science fantasy?


So this was quite interesting:

I am not a big fan of the Scott Pilgrim movie, though I own and like the comics, and I think this video showcases one of the reasons why. While the techniques employed by Edgar Wright are certainly interesting and quite well executed, it is also rather bothersome for the viewer. To me at least the film less “connects” locations, scenes and story elements by doing this, but jerks the viewer from scene to scene and accomplishes the opposite and the film seems disjointed and you have trouble following along. The fact that Scott Pilgrim is a terrible person (and he is supposed to be) also doesn’t exactly help the viewer.


Lindsay made a video for PBS.




Wisecrack released a video on that trash heap of a show very recently.


At this point I will admit that I used to watch BBT. The theme tune was catchy, and the show has a lot of actors I used to love on Roseanne, and I was blinded by the fact that it was about geeks. I also laughed a bunch of times, though it slowly dawned on me that something wasn’t quite right. Then I read a blogpost/article which basically explained in no uncertain terms that one of BBT’s biggest sources of “humor” is making fun of Sheldon who is strongly coded as autistic (unfortunately I can no longer find that particular, though the internet is awash in similar takes). Though the showrunners are denying that this is intentional or whatever, it is in essence undeniable.

After that I thought about it more and realized that most of the comedy in it is making fun of its characters. Not because they’re bad people and deserve ridicule, but because they have odd personality quirks. And I admit that some of those lines can be funny and can still get a guffaw from me through pure audacity, but overall the show is basically the equivalent of pinning a “Kick Me” sign on the back of the nerd in class, then laughing as people kick him in the ass. The show is about nerds, but it isn’t for nerds. It is in fact for the “jocks” and “normies” so they can still laugh at the nerds while giving lip service toward the nerds.

I also saw the wisecrack video yesterday, though I thought the video about misogyny was more prescient and a better take, because as badly as the shows take on nerds is, it also unfortunately also illustrates very much the kind of behavior male nerds display toward women which is a current topic. The problem however is of course that the show pretends its harmless and funny that those non-archetypical men are still displaying toxic masculine behavior, instead of condemning such behavior. Thus the show contributes to normalizing it.


Second video from the same source as posted before.


The Big Bang Theory has always been “black face” for nerds. The show isn’t about us, we’re the punchline. I could never understand the support this show got. I know he’s gotta earn a paycheck, but I’m increasingly disappointed in Wil Wheaton for his participation on this show.


The first year Big Bang aired I asked Will Wheaton what he thought of the show at a comic con. He had some really harsh words about it at the time. Though his tone changed when the paid him to be on the show.

P.s. apologize for any bad grammar or misspellings, I’m currently on pain meds for a broken toe.


Uncivilized Elk, who normally makes analysis videos for episodes of cartoons (usually Adventure Time and Steven Universe) takes a break from his usual schtick to talk about Jurassic World. He feels that the film’s lack of regard for science makes the dinosaurs far less interesting than they could’ve been, and he provides examples of other media that utilize far more creative (and more relatively accurate) dino designs.



Lindsay made another video for PBS Digital Studios. This might be a new series for her.


Drive have published a fascinating article about the defacto partnership between Electrek(an allegedly but not really independent Electric Vehicle focused outlet) and Tesla(Tesla), along with Electrek’s massive growth on the back of that relationship.