Media Analysis and Criticism

I also had a bevy of songs pop into my head as well, though the vast majority, as you point out, were not mainstream and tended to come out towards the end of his second term.

Youtube recommended me a good thing for once:

I want to signal boost a channel here I personally like, but feel is widely underrated: Trash Theory, a channel largely dedicated to music history from a british perspective. The channel has had some videos that hit north of a million views, but still has a perplexingly small subscriber base of just 150k and some new videos are barely scratching 4000 views.

The channel is really good, has some great editing and a very competent narrator who does good research. It is also very interesting to see the material they cover.

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Tim Rogers is my favorite game reviewer by a country mile, it’s nice to see he’s still doing reviews.

Content warning: 3 hour video


Mark Brown just made a new episode of Design Icons where he talks about how D&D inspired Western and Japanese RPGs and the wildly different paths and design philosophies the genre took in both countries.


Probably goes without saying, but spoilers.

That being said, sometimes you come across an analysis that is just perfect in every way


Today is the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, Japan. Anime Abandon host BennettTheSage casts aside his usual snarky review style and makes a serious, earnest review of Barefoot Gen, the autobiographical manga that was written by a survivor of the blast. He also gives us a brief tour of Hiroshima today and its heart-wrenching memorial sites.

EDIT: Oh, I forgot to mention: Here’s the brochure that Sage mentioned in his video.

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Saberspark released his longest and most ambitious video to date: The rise and fall of VeggieTales. He talks about how the creator was influenced early in his life, how the show was ahead of Pixar during its day (yes, really), the early struggles and later successes of VeggieTales, and how a series of unfortunate events brought the show and its studio crashing down.

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“Everybody’s got a Water Buffalooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo-”

I remember what that show came out, watched it quite a bit for a short while, then outgrew it. Fascinating.

For probably a year my editor at Oddball Magazine has been encouraging me to write about culture besides music, and this week I took him up on it.


I wasn’t gonna post this here cause I didn’t think too much of it, but the author of the book quote tweeted it so I wanna brag.

Replies were surprisingly positive, with one guy saying I was a psuedo-intellectual for using “its” instead of “it’s,” a distinction I consciously decided to never give thought probably a year ago. The restraint it takes to not reply with "It’s a damn poor mind that can only find one way to spell a word’ is excessive, and eased by posting that here.

TomSka breaks down his own series, the popular asdfmovie, and talks about the formula that made his show a success.

Mark Brown is back with another episode of Design Icons. He talks about Britain’s interesting history with video games–how a hobbyist with access to a computer in the 1980s could make and sell their own games. They started a cottage industry which blossomed into big-name developers who continue to influence game design to this day.

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Noralities’s new video covers the disparity between anime made for men and women by way of isekai anime.


That YouTube thumbnail is how I feel every time I see anime.


If a strong woman who owns her own sexuality like Misato Katsuragi is just too frightening to you that’s not her fault.

I don’t know who that is, or how strong she is. I just feel bombarded by boobs.

After watching the first half of the video posted, I’m glad I’ve not seen enough anime to know that “harem show” is a thing there can be so many of you can become sick of them.

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There’s no real accomplishment to be proud of in being disinterested in something.

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So I watch 25 minutes of a video about anime, and that’s a sign of me not being interested?