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This reminds me of one of the funniest parts of Neal Stephenson’s Reamde, the Apostropocalypse:

It describes an event in the history of the book’s fictional MMORPG where they had to rewrite all the names and races in the backstory because they handed over writing duties to an English academic who was offended by the apostrophes everywhere, pointing out that they were being incorrectly used or suggested an untenable underlying linguistic structure.


Damn it, now I wanna read that whole article again about Liefeld.



This is accurate, do not watch if you want to avoid spoilers.


That was hilarious.



For sure. In a vacuum, Cnaiür and Anasûrimbor are really bizarro names.

I think part of it is the time and place. If you’re already in some vaguely historical setting, the names are weird to begin with. It’s not that much different to make up names, instead of Odysseus or Agamemnon.

Comics set in quasi-realistic “modern day” times though, hoo boy. Imagine you’re at a party - “Hey, here’s my friends Tony and Bruce, and their buddy Dormammu.” Wait, what?


Seen Infinity War.

FINALLY A MARVEL BIG VILLAIN WORTH WATCHING. omg why did it take so long. Maybe Ultron was just such a weak character it took me a long time to give Marvel any slack, but they nailed it with this one.

Good movie! My only main complaint is the pitched battle. It felt totally unneeded, except to give a chance to see lots of heroes kicking ass (which was cool) but all it made me think of was the unneeded pitched battle at the end of Black Panther. It felt like a huge moment of stupid. Such a pity.

Otherwise… bring on Captain Marvel?



From the Deadpool 2 soundtrack:


** NERD VOICE ** Technically Deadpool isn’t MCU…

Personally I’d love to see Deadpool turn up in a Thor movie.


In the ever-expanding singularity that is the House of Mouse, he soon will be back under the supervision of Marvel Studios.

Though I’ve not seen Deadpool, and don’t really care either way. But it’s going to be one possibility going forward.


I would have flipped it though


To what end? I don’t see how a flipped version of this joke makes sense.


Give guys is much better than two and a half man.


I agree, but the joke is the numbers.


I would argue that Two and a Half Men is the TV equivalent of eating at Five Guys.

That aside, I was going to make an “I don’t feel so good” meme to respond to this thread with. But then I got lazy. So imagine it.


Nah, 2.5 Human Males is more like TV’s McDonalds.


Say what ya want about Five Guys burgers but they’re the only place stateside I can get malt vinegar on my fries, which just happens to be the only way I enjoy fries.


Thats totally not true.