Marvel Cinematic Universe


Not even a sequel - just a full reboot. They’re not even trying to salvage the last one, far as I’m aware.


Good, there isn’t a lot to salvage anyway.


So I saw Captain Marvel last night, really solid movie. Definitely worth seeing. I’ll probably go see it at least one more time in the theater, most likely IMAX.

What struck me was watching two women (both considerably older than myself) talk about how they enjoyed the movie while exiting the theater.


So the new “Garbage People Turning Test” is the cerebral contortions people will go through. Is how Alita is a much better hero than Captain Marvel. gags

Note: I say “better hero” not “better movie”.

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Debating showing some of the earlier Marvel movies to the kid. She’s gone with me to Spider Man, Black Panther, and Captain Marvel now that she’s older, and saw most of Guardians of the Galaxy in a home viewing once. Hmmm. Where to start. Iron Man 1? Captain America 1? And which ones to skip…


Show her the opening credits of Hulk but skip the rest of the movie.

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I’m not sure how old she is, but one of my friends showed some of the early Iron Man movies to his ~10 year old daughters, and they felt that they were too violent. Based on that I might skip Iron Man 1, 2, and Cap 1 just because of the realistic violence and depictions of war. And Thor 1 might be a little slow for younger kids by today’s standards, but it could work. But I think starting chronologically with Avengers 1 they switched to more sci-fi violence beating up on aliens and robots, so I might start there and work forwards.


This is funny cause this afternoon I was looking for something to watch with Kaylee and she saw me click past “ant-man and the Wasp” and she was like “I WANNA WATCH ANT-MAN” and of course I was like, we need to watch “Ant-man” first. However it’s one of the few Marvel films I don’t own and it’s not on any of the 5 streaming services I have. So we are currently watching Ant-man and the Wasp right now, so far, she gets into all the action scenes and sorta loses interest when they go too long without some shrinking but overall is loving it. Pretty much had the same experience with Captain Marvel, she was getting bored during the first half and COMPLETELY 100% on board for the second. I’ll probably go back and start watching Iron Man and such with her. This summer she’s going to be starting Star wars and such. So I guess it depends on the film. She’s 4 1/2.


Yes, they’ll even play Avengers: Endgame.


That’s like 2 days of movie watching.
I couldn’t even do that in theaters when they released the last LotR movie.
Sounds fun though.


Nearly 60 hours of non-stop movie watching.

I like watching Marvel Movies but this seems like it’s boarding on Clockwork Orange.


Like, do you sleep? when do you sleep? Just find which movies you’ve already seen the most and sleep then? What happens when someone is snoring through some awesome fight scene?


Well, I presume they will be playing Thor: Dark World.


The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, and Thor came out back to back. That’s a solid power nap.

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I’ve not been to one of these, but I’m like a stone cold expert in terrible sleep often times in a chair.

The answer is you sleep whenever you can’t keep your eyes open anymore. It’s not restful sleep and it’s very light so likely to be disturbed at any action scene. At some point you wake up and spend the entire rest of the thing drifting in and out of sleep a half hour or so at a time until 40 hours are up.


All of this sounds horrendous.


I read a really good report from someone who did a cinema Marvel Movie marathon last year (I think), and she did it without looking at her phone, to make sure she didn’t just get distracted by Twitter. Lots of good things about everyone cheering when Stan Lee made a cameo.

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This sounds similar to the one time I decided to marathon Eva after two days of not sleeping, while I was in college.
I never understood Eva more than at that moment when I finished. And I never will again.