Making things!

I made myself a solar powered bike light. Extra space in the box to toss various things, battery is swappable, estimating about 10 min charge to 15 min run time at medium brightness. I’ll probably add a phone charger and some other features, plus tidy up the cables and stuff.

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That’s pretty cool! And it looks like you have room for a lot of battery expansion, too. Lovely clean project, I like it.

Oooh, a fancy light. But more importantly, let us see the bike!

Bike. It’s been great so far, huge upgrade from the ancient bike I used to have. I’ll likely add more weird stuff to it in the future.

If you want to see more wild shit done using bikes, it’s worth checking out prolific maker Laura Kampf, who has done quite a few bike-related projects.

My favorites include the beer bike, a combination of a hand-truck and a bike -

And the foldable sidecar.

(Which you can see also incorporates two previous projects, a frame-integrated lock mount, and a cup-holder.)

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