MAGFest 2017 Megathread


Alright at 6:45 Wednesday I logged my last hour of work until Monday. This shit is happening and I am fucking pumped. Also fuck any and everything that isn’t MAGFest until Monday.


I am on the train to Magfest. Hype is up to here.


MAGFest Weather Report:

It might snow a bit.


NERF War on Saturday at 2pm! Who’s going?


@Coldguy I quite enjoyed the incomplete history of music in gaming.


One day I will facilitate this actually happening but that tourney was not that day.


Aw shucks thanks for the kind words.


Protip: if you can find the restaurant in the Westin, it’s never crowded because no one else can find it.


This is good advice, but I still would have preferred to go to Succotash. In other news, I want to spend a lot of time gaming tomorrow, anyone else down?


I’m in the DC area but definitely wouldn’t be getting a badge; should I stop by MAGFest anyways?


Wow so many concerts. That was a great MAGFest, except I saw basically none of you.


This was a good Mag.

Sorry to all the people I missed gaming with. Almost everyone was there. Everyone. Only so many hours :wink:


I enjoyed it. Got to game with some of the other forum-goers and just generally had a good time.


I don’t get to go to a lot of gaming/general geekery conventions, and I don’t get a lot of chances to experience geek culture outside of cons, so going to this Magfest was incredibly invigorating. Worth it every time.

Plus I managed to tread that fine line of enough sleep, enough food, and enough time sitting down, so I didn’t wake up Saturday feeling like my legs were missing.


MAGFest was amazing, had a chance to go to a couple of the Geeknights panels, but since I was pseudo-sitting my cousins could not hang out.
Looking forward to next year.

Rym, the International Anime Openings panel was awesome!


Fair warning: that was a best-of. I distilled about three hours of different versions of that talk into the most concentrated one I could make. :wink:


Give Feedback to MAGFest on panels here:


Easily the best compliment I got this go around is the guy that came up to me right after the Kung Fu panel and going “Dude do you have a YouTube channel, you need to put this stuff up there.” Sorry that is coming soon I suppose.


Enjoy your copyright strikes.


Tony Ja! Tony Ja! Tony Ja! WHERE ARE MY ELEPHANTS?!?