MAGCondo 2018

I am thinking about taking the lead on it this year anyone want in?

Definitely. Not missing this year.

Here’s the info on the room:

The room this year is $210 per person for the weekend. Check-in Wednesday after 4PM, Check-out Tuesday at 11AM at the very latest.

Ideally, anyone wanting to reserve a spot would need the money before November 1st. They changed their “Payment due by X date”-rule.

The room has 2 bedroom, 2 baths, with 2 beds in one room and a fold out couch in the living room. Additionally there is a kitchen.

Gonna take a spot. Unless I shatter my vertebrae I’m making it to MAGFest this year.

Checking to see status of the room since MAGFest booking is going topsy-turvy as usual. Do we need a minimum amount of people for the room?

Generaly the goal is 8. I can make 7 or 9 work also.

I believe we have you, coldguy, yuyuske, neito, Krista, Stacie, me, on the list. Coldguy and Krista have paid so far.

Minor update, we have two spots open let us know if you want in.

Just seeing if we can get a rundown on where we’re meeting, when people should arrive, and what people are bringing.

I’m hoping to get to the National Harbor before Dark on Wednesday. Going to bring two pies and Peanut Butter Cookies, so all sweet stuff. Hope someone brings savory or we can talk on how to handle that.

Check in is at 4PM on Wednesday. There’s some room in the lounge, but it will probably be crowded.

I’m taking the whole day off,I’m planning on being in the lobby by 3.

If anyone has a spare mattress or sleeping bag that would be appriciated.

Will and I are leaving around 10 AM, so arrival could be between 6 and 8 PM. I’ll be bringing earplugs for everyone.

Does anyone want/not want any particular alcohol or snacks or something? Otherwise, Will and I are just bringing big ol’ boxes of the newest Magic expansion for drafts.