Live PAX South 2019

We are in San Antonio and will be live at PAX South 2019! Both of our panels this year are on Friday!

Nostalgia vs Game Design
1:00pm @ Bobcat Theatre

Everyone has the game that consumed their childhood. You grew up playing Quake 2 mods, Civ II, or Everquest late into the night. You got obsessed with Aerobiz on the SNES or DotA (the original one). You want to recreate that experience that was so core to your gaming life. But… can you? What was it ABOUT those games that made them so perfect. Was it the game, the context, or possibly even just you? From remakes to reboots to spiritual successors, some game mechanics are best left to history.

Learn & Play: Carcassonne
3:00pm @ Learn & Play

Go deep on the strategy of Carcassonne with a lecture from Rym and Scott, hosts of the GeekNights podcast. Then stick around to face off against other attendees, putting those Carcassonne strategy tips to work.