Live at Zenkaikon 2018

GeekNights will be live at Zenkaikon 2018 in Lancaster PA!

Anime Openers from Around the World
Saturday, May 5
9:15 AM
Live 3 [Floor 3, Heritage C]

Underrated Anime you should see
Saturday, May 5
6:45 PM
Live 6 [Floor 3, Heritage B]

The Rage of the Quitter
Sunday, May 6
9:30 AM
Live 1 [Floor 2, Commonwealth 3]

If you saw us live at PAX East 2018, you can see video of The 40 Tabletop Games you Must Play on youtube! But don't skip our panels at Zenkaikon: we won't be videoing them.

Oh yeah, looking forward to a weekend of working entirely too hard for food and a hotel room. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, always good fun this con. Looking forward to seeing everyone.


I too am looking forward to this.