Live at PAX West 2017!

We are giving a talk on rage quits at PAX West 2017!

The Rage of the Quitter
Sunday Sept 3 @ 6:30pm
Hippogriff Theatre

The table gets flipped. The healer sits down in spawn and plays Rick Astley over the voice chat. The tournament ends in chaos. Friendships die. Why does the quitter rage so? This panel will explore the inglorious exits of gaming.

If you're from the future, and you're looking for the other talks we referenced during the panel at PAX, here they are:

The History of Losing
Multiplayer Losing
Why No One will Game with You

You will be able to attend all the Omegathon rounds, if I last…

There’s a conflicting panel that Katie and I want to go to more, so… hope it goes well.