Live at PAX Unplugged 2017

We will be live at the inaugural PAX Unplugged 2017! Some of you may be old enough to remember the workshop-style talks we gave at PAXes in the past (Mastering Game Mechanics, Practical Game Theory, and several how-to-play/win events), and this is a return to that format.

Learn and WIN: Carcassonne
Saturday 11/18
Tabletop Tourney

Go deep on the strategy of Carcassonne with a lecture from Rym and Scott, hosts of the GeekNights podcast. Then stick around for a special single-elimination Carcassonne tournament and put those tips to work. Cut-throat competition armed with the most dangerous tools we can provide.

If you want to get a head start, check out our longstanding Play (Dirty) to Win talk from PAX East 2017, or our ancient How to Win at Games talk from PAX East 2011. Rym even did a solo version at PAX Australia 2014!

Comin’ for that sweet yolk of yours, Carcassonne.


One of my close local friends got picked for the Omegathon at unplugged! You can cheer for Julie Lopes.

(Rym might need you to send me your copy of a few of the Omegathon games so we can train her.)

I never played Junk Art.

Spot-It, welp.

Captain Sonar, team matters more than individual skill.

Wits & Wagers - it’s trivia.

Not much practice you can do! Just gotta be good.

Yea understanding completely Captain Sonar has got to give your team an edge. :-p

Junk art us a game of a steady hand more than a twitcy finger. Let everyone else fail first.

You’re gonna this weekend.