Live at PAX East 2020!

We will be at PAX East 2020!

Take Your #@$ Turn!
Saturday Feb 29th
Bumblebee Theatre

We’ve all played the "30-60 minute" board game that seems to always take exactly four hours. Your definition of "a quick game" always seems to be far from what your friends think. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Join us for a lively discussion of what factors, from game design decisions to players’ interactions, cause games to take too long. We’ll then teach you, in detail, how to take your #@$ turn!

If you saw us at PAX South, video of The 41 Tabletop Games You Must Play is on youtube, as is the completely different original 40 Tabletop Games You Must Play from PAX West!

If you are looking for slides or links from our MAGFest 2020 panels, check out the slides from "The Real Harm of Games", as well as video of the same talk (sans the doctor) from PAX East!

Weird complaint, but the guys had a slide that showed John Company, but then they started talking about Everdell instead.