Live at MAGFest 2020!

We are live at MAGFest 2020! Come see us talk, or just say hi and play a game! You may spot us played DDR in the wee hours of the morning.

The Real Harm of Games
Friday Jan 3rd @ 11:30 AM
MAGES 1 (Chesapeake 4,5,6)

Take your #@*$ turn!
Friday Jan 3rd @ 10:30 PM
Tabletop Discussions (Riverview Ballroom 1)

Building your Indie Studio from the Ground Up
Saturday Jan 4th @ 10:00 PM
Panels 1 (Cherry Blossom Ballroom)

Competitive vs Casual: An Unsolvable Problem?
Sunday Jan 5th @ 11:30 AM
Panels 4 (Annapolis 2-4)


If you're wondering about PAX South 2020, we will also be there! We are presenting The 41 Tabletop Games You Must Play on Friday Jan 17th at 4pm in the Bobcat Theatre!


I’ll be running a Panel at Magfest too.

Marvel Comics: Highlights 2015-2019
Thursday Jan 2nd @ 4:30 PM
Panel Room 2 (Woodrow Wilson)


I will be running the department there too (please help I need more people next year)

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I’m pulling a shift for panels, see you there.

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I’ll consider it next year.

Need any help on site this year? Now that I’ve pulled my name out of the hat for the big job, I’ll have plenty of time on my hands! We’re arriving Wednesday afternoon, staying through Sunday night.

My panels at MAG

Yes I do, come swing by the Panels HQ at some point and will give you things to do.