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this is a pretty good description. I like the feel and sound of pbt, although the body shape and material of the keyboard frame also affects the acoustics.

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After 6 years, seems like my Rosewill mechanical is finally giving up the ghost. The mini (not micro!) USB port intermittently loses connection.

What should I get?

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Open that bad boy and solder on a new miniusb connector.


Apparently there’s going to be/has been a refresh of the HHK. I’m tempted to pick one up.

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Yeah, I had two back in the day. I really loved the layout for coding. The new models have USB-C/bluetooth. The thing is, they are very expensive keyboards and they still do not have mechanical switches. While I was extremely happy with the HHK back in the day, I’m happier now with my WASD keyboard. The switches are way better, and I actually use the numpad a lot.

I hate numpads, almost never use them.

I noticed I get a bit of strain on my shoulder when I use a mouse for long periods of time because it’s so far away from the center point of the qwerty bits of the keyboard.

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HHK could be for you, then.

Just be aware, there are other numpadless keyboard options that have mechanical switches.


Make sure you prefer the HHK electrostatic switches before you shell out the dough.

Thanks for the heads up!

Update: the LED for scroll lock :roll_eyes: is a little loose. Upon closer inspection, that LED’s solder on the back of the board is cracked. Sometimes the circuit is closed, sometimes the circuit is open. Can turn the board on and off by touching the LED on one side or the other.

Can I fix this without buying a soldering iron to do ~1mm worth of soldering?

tbh if you want to fix the LED you probably need either a soldering iron or a MacGyver alternative, like a piece of wire you heated over the stove. You can probably find some kind of patch fix but I wouldn’t trust it long term. Maybe a forumite near you has an iron?

Are makerspaces still a thing? Show up, be friendly, say you need to fix one quick thing.

Yeah, I just ordered a soldering iron. They’re not bad to have around anyway.

Still happy with my plum. Maybe one day I will have HHK money.

You want HHK? I had two and haven’t used them in years. I’m not sure if I still have them, though…

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WELL JEEZ :one::five:

It worked.

Con: needed to buy a soldering iron to fix 1mm worth of weld
Pro: way cheaper than buying a new keyboard
Con: what do I do with this soldering iron now
Pro: I have a soldering iron?


It will be useful again.

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Magic Girls are back in stock

Do you know what the Scroll Lock key that has been on most IBM-compatible PC keyboards for decades does / is supposed to do / was intended to do?

I was under the impression that before the mouse was invented that could scroll using scroll bars, and long before the scroll wheel, you would enable scroll lock. That would let you scroll around with the arrow keys. Normally the arrow keys just moved the cursor around within the window.

Of course, when the only directions to scroll were up and down, pgup/pgdn/home/end were sufficient, and that is why scroll lock didn’t get used much.

Let’s see if my old brain’s memory matches this video.

EDIT: I was right. Saved you all 10 minutes of video watching.