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KPop and MLP cccccccombo?









CoCoSoRi is one of those kooky fun KPop groups that have been shrinking in number recently. We effectively lost both Crayon Pop and Orange Caramel, and only CoCoSoRi and the relative newcomers WALWARI are carrying that torch.

The thing is, they aren’t really that popular. But in the interest of keeping the spirit alive, CoCoSoRi are kickstarting their next comeback.

I’ve seen some crowdfunded KPop before, but not on Kickstarter.


TWICE came back in Japan. I was slightly excited for this because JYP has been very successful in Japan. 2PM is way hotter in Japan than in Korea. Also, other groups like SNSD, have really awesome releases in Japan, often better than Korean ones.

Aaaand, it’s bleh. TWICE seems to only put good music on their b-sides.


Decalcomanie has a dance version! I just discovered it and I am so happy it exists.


I think all of MAMAMOO’s title tracks have dance videos, no?


Is KPop done forever or not?

Nobody knows!


Sorn is THE REAL DEAL. Not taking shit. You go!


Yet another competiton/elmination show. This time it’s not trainees trying to debut. Instead it’s idols who have already debuted, but have not found success.

I’m rooting for my man Kanto, who never got the attention he deserved.

Here he is featuring on Raina’s song.

Also rooting for the two girls from The Ark. The Ark was a very short lived group that was extremely beloved by the international community. Not only were they extremely talented, but they were not sexualized or infantilized like other idol groups. Their concept was actually just high quality music and dancing. We don’t know why they disappeared after just one song, but basically their company gave up on them.



Didn’t think I’d see my boy Peniel again so soon. Killin’ it with that wind dance at the end!



So this song was on top of kpop place today, like with all music videos, I quick move past the not music part and throw it on in the background as I do work. Listened to this, was feelin’ it. After the 3rd or so listen I checked out the comments… big mistake. Does anyone who likes kpop actually like kpop or do they just like looking at pretty girls dancing semi-provocatively?


[quote=“Naoza, post:113, topic:250”]Does anyone who likes kpop actually like kpop or do they just like looking at pretty girls dancing semi-provocatively?[/quote]There’s a spectrum. Just stay on the right side of it.

As for TWICE, I’ve lost all interest in them musically. I’ll just stick to watching them when they appear on a variety show now and then.


Someone got access to and illicitly uploaded this video of SNSD’s dance practice for I Got a Boy. Watch it before it gets taken down.


I saw this on kpop reddit. Again mistake looking at comments. So much hate for a Jessica. Wikipedia seems to say she was an member of SNSD. I guess the people who know kpop don’t like her for some reason. I know next to nothing about it but it’s a red flag any time there’s loads of hate directed at a woman.


SNSD had 9 members, one of which was “ice princess” Jessica Jung. Her biological sister is Krystal in the group f(x). Over time, it became apparent to fans that relations between Jessica and the other members of SNSD were less than perfect. If you watch video of them over time, you’ll see that she stopped interacting with warmly with the others, especially Taeyeon.

Over time Jessica also earned the name “lazy sica” because on stage she began to look like she didn’t care. Jessica is the one dressed in all black with the black hat in this practice video. Judge for yourself whether you think she is dancing with as much effort and power as the other members.

In 2014 Jessica and Krystal had a reality show on a cable channel. I watched it. It was meh. In one episode Tiffany and Hyoyeon made an appearance. Also in one episode Jessica can be heard humming the song “Catch me if you Can”, which had not been released at the time. There was a promotion on social media to #CatchGG, but then the song did not appear in a timely fashion after that promotion.

In September of 2014 Jessica posted on Instagram something along the lines of “I’ve been informed I’m no longer a member of SNSD, wtf.” It was confirmed later that day she really was no longer a member. In April 2015 the song “Catch me if you Can” was finally released. Someone illicitly uploaded an older version of the music video that included Jessica. This shows that the timing and manner in which she left the group was definitely not part of the plan.

The exact details of how and why she was kicked out were never made public. Whenever anyone gets asked about it, including Jessica, they give a dodgy answer. The most common explanation I’ve seen is that she was planning to leave gracefully at some point soon anyway. However, because she was neglecting her duties to SNSD in favor of the fashion company she was starting, they kicked her to the curb. I’m sure bad relations with the other member didn’t help either. I also heard she didn’t show up for some practices. All the other members have plenty of non-group activities. Yoona even recorded some crazy long TV show in China for big money. But they always made SNSD the highest priority.

Nowadays Jessica lives the life of a rich person who owns a small fashion company and occasionally releases solo music. She can’t promote her music in Korea or appear on TV easily because presumably, her old company keeps her out. But she can still make MVs and release music. You’ll often see her in the crowd at major sporting events like the NBA Finals or Mayweather fights.

You will see fans online use the term OT9 to refer to the “One True 9” originaly SNSD lineup. Implying that the 8 member SNSD is just not the same. Also, now 3 members of SNSD have left SM entertainment, but they still insist the group has not disbanded. The future is uncertain.


Well, the news in your last paragraph kinda supersedes any reaction I was having to the apparent Jessica drama. I guess I’ll be interested to see how this goes… But Gee was what got the starcraft scene and me by proxy into kpop. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Watching the thing again while watching jessica with hawk eyes leads me to think that maybe she’s not quite putting as much oomph as she could into her dancing. But at the same time, I imagine I could do the same for any member of the band were I to watch them with hawk eyes. It’s one of those biases that is like… If you wanna find something you can find it.

I would like to thank you for explaining this to me. You certainly weren’t obligated to, I guess I feel a bit better, but I still think some fans could stand to be a bit nicer.


I hope this ends up better than SNSD on Letterman.


Many have tried. All have failed. Can a group led by someone literally named “Rap Monster” make it happen?