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Slow KPop times right now.

Drama still continues from the night club, porn spy cam sharing, discussed above. People are going to jail and shit.

Somi is coming soon (or so they say).

Kang Daniel won his court case to escape his contract, so he’ll be active again soon.

Kyuhyun is out of the military, so all Super Junior members have finally completed their service and will presumably be back soon.

Produce X 101 has begun. One of the only participants from a major company (JYP) sat in the 1 seat on episode 1. He then got revealed to have a “dark” past, and got kicked out of JYP and the show. I watched episode 1, and there were some good boys and some not good boys. Waiting for subs of episode 2 that basically just aired.

EXID’s contracts are over. Hani and Jeonghwa decided to leave the company, the other three members renewed. They said they aren’t disbanded, so we’ll see. Also, they still have a group contract in Japan for another year. They are making a final? comeback really soon.

TXT is going to change their fanclub name after they found out that Tiffany was already using that name.

The only people promoting right now that I care about are Eric Nam


My bald bro Peniel from BTOB is having some solo biz soon also.

Oh nooooooooo

Apink is scheduled to appear at the very very bad convention Anime Matsuri.

Weki Meki just came back today. It’s not bad, but I don’t actively want to listen to it.

The big news is that WALWARI IS BACK! They are not dead! Apparently Merry left the group, but has been replaced by a new member Miri. Whatever. I don’t even care if this song isn’t as good as their older tracks. Just happy to see them.

NCT has been going around the US. They are on the west coast now, and were on The Late Late Show last night.

BTS is on the East Coast. They will be at Met Life in a few days. They were on GMA this morning.

EXID is in Korea. This is likely their last comeback if not ever, definitely for a long time, since two members are leaving the company. Their Japanese contract still has another year, though. Also, the title track is a banger.

WINNER dropped a new track today also, but meh? Other people seem to like their music, though. Just not me.

Ok, so some background for people who don’t know.

There is a KPop label named Pledis.

Their first group was After School in 2009. After School was pretty great, but the members had a very wide age range. They tried to do a thing where old members would “graduate” and new members would come in.

The best part of After School was a sub-unit named Orange Caramel consisting of three members. They will always be my favs.

Anyway, in 2014 After School hadn’t released anything in awhile, but Orange Caramel was active and successful. Then suddenly in 2015, they just never came back. they were on the rise, and then they just stopped. After School also never came back. Members just kept graduating, based on how you count there are only 3 or 4 left, but the group is done. It’s just not officially done. They have never announced the disbandment of After School or Orange Caramel, even though there is 0% chance they come back.

They also made two boy groups. NU’EST, which was mostly a flop and SEVENTEEN, which is pretty successful.

Then Produce 101 happened. In the first season Pledis sent some female trainees to the show. Two of them managed to win and get into IOI.

On the second season of Produce, some NU-EST members went to the show and a few (but not all) managed to win. This caused somewhat of a resurgence in popularity for NU’EST and probably saved them.

Meanwhile IOI was done. And the members returned to Pledis and formed the core of the group Pristin. They released two songs that were not bad. They had a sub-unit Pristin V that released one song in 2018. Then we never heard from them again.

On the third season of Produce Kaeun from After School, who has just been sitting around doing nothing, went on the show. She did very well, but did not get enough votes in the end. There was talk of Pledis making a group for her with some other people, but that has not happened. Keep in mind Kaeun trained for many years, joined After School at basically the end of its existence, only released one or two songs, and then that was it.

The news is that today, Pristin, officially disbanded. This is good and merciful, but also a disgrace. There are members of Pristin that spent 11 of their 18 years of life training to be idols. They debuted, had one year of activities, and then done.

Nobody knows what is actually going on at Pledis, but it’s obviously a mismanaged shit show that has don’t nothing but ruin lives of female idols and disappoint fans all around the world. I’m surprised they even still exist, but I guess SEVENTEEN keeps them afloat? Part of that is because SEVENTEEN is a self managing group. They make a lot (most?) of their own music and choreography. They have a large number of members who are very talented.

All fans just want Pledis to die.


Halfway through June and KPop land has been crazy.

Drama at YG escalated to the peak scandal. Not only was there the existing scandals, but also BI from iKon had some drug related stuff from the past come up. B.I. is out of iKon, but even bigger, YG himself is out of YG. Good riddance.

Speaking of YG, Lee Hi finally came back with new music and is killing it. Of course, because truth is stranger than fiction, the title song features B.I… Honestly while I am super happy that Lee Hi is back after all these years, I liker her older music better. Her new stuff isn’t bad, it’s just not going to get set on repeat like Seoulite is.

Also, at long last Somi has finally made a solo debut. It’s not the best, but it’s very Somi. It also seems like she was pretty rushed. Since she’s at YG Black Label now, that of course creates rumors that they rushed her out to distract from their problems. She didn’t do a live performance at her showcase, and her first live stage was meh. Her live stages now are better, though.

BoA also had a new song a week ago, but it’s not as exciting as her last couple solo songs. She made a music video, but hasn’t performed on music shows.

U-KNOW Yunho made a solo comeback (debut?). Cool that he’s still going at it.

Lee Chan-hyuk has completed his military service, and went to record a variety show the day after. Expect AKMU to return in the nearish future.

Red Velvet and GFriend are both coming back extremely soon with teasers being posted everywhere. That’s probably why the only other groups promoting right now are smaller and mid-tier. Gotta get out of the way. Everyone is about the drop their summer bops.

This is weird and cool enough that I think I’m just gonna go, without like context or anything, and by myself

Red Velvet’s new album came out. I watched the music video of the title track “Zimzalabim” and I had some thoughts. I then scrolled down on YouTube and saw a very highly rated comment that basically completely matched the exact comment I was going to type.

If you take SNSD’s “I Got a Boy” from 2012

And combine it with f(x) “Red Light” from 2014

You get Zimzalabim

The song is all over the place. It’s a real love it or hate it situation. While I’m listening to it I fluctuate between “wtf” and “fuck yeah!”

Anyway, that doesn’t matter so much because there are five other tracks on the album. I listened to them during my subway ride. Every single one is LIT.

Also, the fact that it is titled “Day 1” basically guarantees there are going to be at least a Day 2, and probably at least a Day 3, if not more.

EDIT: Confirmed triology.


GFriend just came back

My boy D.O. from EXO is going to the military, and he released this song on his way out. See you in ~2 years bro.

IOI was finally officially confirmed to comeback without Somi or Yeonjung.

Ailee is coming back soon, and it sounds like it’s gonna be lit.

This is what KPop has been missing lately.

Just one person playing bass and singing.

Just one person singing wearing a peanut on their head.

One more: The cat head rock band.

Also, I don’t know what this guy is on about, but it’s way fun.

M Countdown aired last night, let’s check it out.

Ok, so I posted Chung ha’s music video 24 days ago, and she’s still on music shows, and still winning the music shows. GFriend had a week where they took them all, but then they stopped promoting after that. Now Chung Ha is back on top. Usually groups will get extra time to do a b-side track during the first week of promotions, but Chung Ha has mixed it up. She’s so big, and nobody else is beating her on the charts right now, so she made some choreo for her most bangin’ b-side “Chica” and has done it on music shows a couple times.

I didn’t like (G)I-DLE’s new song at first, but it grew on me.

I’m not sure if NATURE’s new song is catchy or annoying. I think it depends on the mood you are in.

However, the number one for me by far is the return of NORAZO!

Gimme more of that wacky nonsense. These guys are basically the manzai of KPop.

Oh yes

Taemin. He famous, fabulous, and dangerous. Also, he knows it.

Sudden huge news.

BigHit, aka: the BTS company, has just acquired Source Music, the GFriend company.

These companies were already somewhat close to each other. Here’s an infamous school uniform commercial they made together back in the day.

The thing is, even though BTS is #1, BigHit doesn’t have any other groups. They just came out with their second group ever, which is TXT, and they are ok I guess. Doesn’t look like they will become BTS 2.0, though.

Source Music is in a similar boat. Their first group ever, GFriend, was a big success (though, not as big as BTS obviously) and they have nothing else. No other groups. They had some male trainees on the latest produce season, and those trainees will probably benefit greatly from this merger.

Not only is it a great benefit for both companies, but it also changes the KPop landscape entirely. Up until now there were “the big three”. SM, JYP, and YG. These three companies were the ones able to produce several hit groups. YG is currently falling due to scandals. CUBE had made a few great groups, but then had a huge collapse.

All the other successful KPop companies that aren’t just small insignificant potatoes have only been able to produce a handful, but usually just one successful group. By having BigHit and Source combine, they are now indisputably one of the top companies up there with SM and JYP.

There is a rumor they might even merge another one in there, and I think they should. I say they should also bring in RBW, since GFriend and MAMAMOO have history together, and RBW has not been able to produce any other successful groups despite several tries.

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Ok, so check this biz out.

New track from SEVENTEEN is lit.

New track from OH MY GIRL

Tiffany came back with Magnetic Moon before her solo concert in Seoul.

Also all of SNSD got together for her birthday and such. It’s been a long time.

My boy Kang Daniel, who got first place on season 2 of Produce 101 released his solo track after a whole bunch of fighting with his company to escape his bad contract.


Oh baby.

Lastly, check out this group DONGKIZ. Their new track is a huge ghostbusters homage.

When you look at all the KPop idol x fan interactions, they are always awful trite useless stuff. I try to avoid that kind of content as much as possible. Fan questions are filtered and shallow. “Will you come to my country? Yes, if I ever get a chance to.” There is no real substance in these conversations. Fans are just into it because OMG the person I like addressed my existence. Same thing on Twitch people just want to hear the streamer say their name, and will follow/subscribe to make that happen. They even get mad or impatient if they didn’t get acknowledged.

So after merging with the BTS company, GFriend is now on this service Weverse that BTS is also on. The were doing Q&A there. I’m sure most of it was the usual trash. But someone asked GFriend’s Yuju a question and her answer was so clever that people are sharing it around other non-weverse places.

Here is the translation:

#ASK_GFRIEND Do you have any tips to not be nervous on important moments?

For me, I’ll close my eyes & imagine that I’ll regret it if I do a lot of mistakes bcs I’m too nervous. Then when I open my eyes, there’s a 2nd chance in front of me!

Maybe other people have heard of this strategy before, but I haven’t. I always do things better the second or third time around. Doing a mental trick to make the first time into the second time is really smart.

This is one thing I miss about doing a lower-tier convention circuit and then having one or two big PAXes a year. We could run a new talk a few times, refine it, get it really solid, and then do the “real” version at PAX.

Now we have to constantly bring new ones to the table, and usually we do the literal first one of anything at a PAX.