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Taemin’s “Want” might be my favorite release this year so far. He’s doing really cool art!


We’re just sitting around waiting for comebacks from MAMAMOO, Sunmi, and other top tier people and this solo artist comes out of nowhere.

This song sounds like it was written by someone from Artzie music. That vaporwavish groove that is always reminiscent of the original score for SDF: Macross. I became a fan immediately. I hope she is successful enough that it’s not just one and done. Just keep singing songs just like this.


Queen of trot took a break from playing PUBG to record a new song. Also going to release her first full album, but some of the tracks will just be her old hits.


GWSN with their second song. Two songs, two hits. I’m all in on them. Definitely the group with the biggest quality/popularity disparity. Hopefully they can get some recognition soon.

Bigger news:


In case people don’t know, she was in 2NE1. There was some controversy because way back in the day she tried to bring Adderall to Korea, which she was legally prescribed in the US, but is illegal in Korea. This contributed to the end of 2NE1 as a group when people dug up the old news a few years back. She really has a unique vocal tone. We haven’t been able to hear her sing in years, so this is really fantastic.

The biggest song right now is the return of EPIK HIGH. They really went all out. Crush features on the song, and IU is in the music video. Tough to beat that. Probably an all kill situation.

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Separate post for the big scandal news. BIGBANG’s Seungri, who always gave off vibes of being a bad boy, turns out to be an actually bad person. He owned a night club where a guy got beat up. That in turn has revealed a huge intertwining scandal that involves drug dealing, arrange prostitutes for VIP clients, corrupt police turning a blind eye, celebrity group chat rooms discussing it, other celebrities in those group chats sharing hidden cam vids of their own sexual encounters, and oooh boy it’s a big one.

Here’s a master post to get all the info.

Basically, anyone involved in this is done. Seungri “retired” from the entertainment industry, but also had his contract terminated. He was going to enlist soon anyway, but now may be enlisting in prison or who knows what.

Jung Joon Young, the hidden cam guy, admitted guilt and is cooperating.

We’ll see who else gets roped up in this. South Korea seems to be strange in that corruption seems to be very common, but also gets severely punished when it is uncovered.


Two more have quit.


Mainstream attention


Explosion of new stuff right now.

MAMAMOO is back like usual.

Baek Yerin is killing it.

Heize also killing it

MOMOLAND with another track in their usual style.

And Tayeon is releasing new music soon.

Yet again, where are the boy groups at? BTS should be back in a month or so. EXO is MIA. TXT, the new group from BTS company is… not my style.


Blackpink is back, with what a lot of people have been speculating is a ‘rushed comeback’. I would actually really love to talk about this song/MV if anyone has thoughts.

A new group, Everglow, debuted with a song that sounds like throwback to second gen. I’m obsessed - song has been stuck in my head for the last week.


The BLACKPINK album is really sad. Their strategy at YG has always been to go quality over quantity to the extreme. Fans were rightfully upset they didn’t come back often enough. Now that they have come back after a normal length break for the KPop world, their quality has suffered. Pretty much every BLACKPINK track up until now, the few that exist, can all live on permanent repeat. This new album, not one track is anything exciting. The title track has this loud horn that feels like it’s part of a banging hook, but it’s all alone on the chorus. It’s not fast or powerful enough to become an earworm. Even the other tracks on the album are meh.

The EVERGLOW song is ok, but the chorus is really fantastic. I understand that pop music composers really want to get away from repeating the chorus too many times, but I see no problem with it. That’s the point of pop music. You made a catchy hook, just blast that shit on repeat. Just mix it up a little bit each time so it’s not a pure repeat.

IZ*ONE’s new song has the instrumentals of a GWSN/f(x) song that is firmly in the hip clothing store music genre. But the vocal is more of a standard girl group thing.

I’m happy to see KARD again, but BM repeating that “running all day, running all night, boom boom” doesn’t do it for me at all.

Taeyeon’s new song is great.

Bolbbolgan4 sound like their usual selves. How many tracks titled Bom or Boom does the world need?

I’m also not into any of the boy groups that are promoting right now. Stray Kids, PENTAGON, CHEN.

We got BTS and TWICE coming back soon, though. Both #1 groups are on their way, so everyone else is getting out of the pool.


BTS new song

Is not really doing it for me. I wish they would go back to this style.


Blackpink is at Coachella! An intrepid fan noticed them practicing sets, including some classics like Whistle which - considering my feelings on their latest releases, makes me pretty happy. I’m so proud of these girls.

BLACKPINK rehearsing for Coachella.

— Isaiah Colin (@Isaiah_Colin) April 12, 2019

Re: Kill This Love, I think you’re right - it feels like they’ve been doing too much too quickly. I was super bummed listening to the song, because it starts out SO strong I thought we were gonna get another Blackpink hit, and it ended up feeling just… unfinished. I’m not sure dddd has an excuse, because that was their first comeback in forever, but it feels like they’ve been almost depending too much on a single producer, not doing quality control, then pushing content that feels incomplete.

I do wonder if this latest comeback was rushed due to the Burning Sun scandal. Still proud of the girls for working so hard, though! I do think YG needs to make better songwriting decisions.


I like dudududududududu. Kill this Love is actually the only BP song that hasn’t been a hit with me.

I think my boy Yung Bae is also at Coachella XD.


Oh man, ddududdudu had to grow on me, where every other BP song was an insta-love. It was the first time I had felt like that, so maybe I’m still shell-shocked from that experience! Or maybe it was the lack of ‘blackpink in your area’ that shocked me :thinking:

With BP at Coachella and late shows, BTS on SNL and, well, being BTS, and NCT going on GMA, this is a pretty cool time for kpop over here. :slight_smile:


BTS on M Countdown today with the best stage, and my fav song on their new album.

Also, I know nothing about this new group, but this stage and song just made me lol for some reason. Such a cliche throwback.

All the other groups are laying low during the BTS time. TWICE is coming soon, though.


Oh NCT 127 was on GMA this morning. Their new song sounds good. It’s Shinee style.

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SJ D&E came back with two new tracks that are pretty great.

Still, they can’t ever seen to do better than their 2015 hit “Can You Feel It?”

Also, the big news, TWICE highly anticipated comeback “FANCY” was released this morning.

It’s definitely a new direction for TWICE. Somewhere between their usual fare and their sister group Itzy. Personally, I’m not into it. Usually they have a B-Side that is lit, but they didn’t even have that this time. The music video is a little weird, especially the roller coaster part that looks poorly made. Still, I’m super hyped for the eventual choreography. The little bit you can see in the music video looks fun as hell. They always manage to make a dance that’s exciting to watch even when the song is meh.


Slow KPop times right now.

Drama still continues from the night club, porn spy cam sharing, discussed above. People are going to jail and shit.

Somi is coming soon (or so they say).

Kang Daniel won his court case to escape his contract, so he’ll be active again soon.

Kyuhyun is out of the military, so all Super Junior members have finally completed their service and will presumably be back soon.

Produce X 101 has begun. One of the only participants from a major company (JYP) sat in the 1 seat on episode 1. He then got revealed to have a “dark” past, and got kicked out of JYP and the show. I watched episode 1, and there were some good boys and some not good boys. Waiting for subs of episode 2 that basically just aired.

EXID’s contracts are over. Hani and Jeonghwa decided to leave the company, the other three members renewed. They said they aren’t disbanded, so we’ll see. Also, they still have a group contract in Japan for another year. They are making a final? comeback really soon.

TXT is going to change their fanclub name after they found out that Tiffany was already using that name.

The only people promoting right now that I care about are Eric Nam


My bald bro Peniel from BTOB is having some solo biz soon also.


Oh nooooooooo

Apink is scheduled to appear at the very very bad convention Anime Matsuri.