KPop - aka Only Scott Cares - aka Not as Good as Metal


That’s what I’m talking about!


Anyone watch Sappy? Any thoughts?


It’s catchy and good, but not incredible. I like their first Japanese release, #CookieJar better. Probably because cookies.


Not much going on right now, so a throwback. This didn’t quite come in first for cover of the year on various voting places, but I have a huge appreciation for Dreamcatcher’s cover of Bang Bang Bang.


Loona has been releasing teasers for their upcoming comeback, and they’re just… incredibly beautiful. The latest one, for Yves and Chuu, just came out today. I’m still not over it.

XIIX: Gowon in Iceland, location of Haseul’s solo

XIIIX: Olivia Hye in Paris, location of Heejin’s solo

XIVX: Yves in Hong Kong, location of Vivi’s solo

Smarter people than I keep theorizing about 'em. Really hyped for this comeback - if the cinematography is even half the quality of this, I’ll be ecstatic.


Itzy, the new JYP GG that my girl Somi would have been in if she didn’t leave the company, is coming way sooner than expected. Here’s the teaser. It sounds like one of my favorite KPop genres, which is music they play in hip clothing stores while you shop.

There’s a huge drama going on about really disgusting and awful things going on at a club that BIGBANG’s Seungri previously owned. It seems he gave up his ownership because he has to enlist in the military. Still if he knew or was involved in the goings on at this club, it’s really the worst.

Luna from f(x) didn’t hold back on TV slamming SM taking half her YouTube money. Apparently in August (when her contract expires) she will get all the YouTube money. That either means she is leaving, and f(x) is officially dead, or she renegotiated her deal. It’s really not unfair since I think the company does all kinds of work for her videos production wise. Unlike other KPop artists that do it themselves.

SEVENTEEN’s new song “HOME” is pretty interesting.

Also I went into a Paris Baguette to get a sandwich this week for lunch. Love Scenario by iKON was playing. I mentioned it to the cashier and they were surprised old man Scott knew KPop. Power up by Red Velvet came on next. XD


They here:

TAEMIN came out with a solo jam

Wa$$up and 9Muses both finally officially disbanded. Here is my favorite Wa$$up song.

I don’t really like any 9Muses songs, but other people like this one:

BTS presented at the Grammy Awards

Red Velvet is in the US. Going to see them on Sunday.

BLACKPINK was at a pre-grammy thing and is doing other biz in the US.

Jennie from BLACKPINK and Irene from Red Velvet were spotted together in LA.

Hwasa solo is coming soon.


Hwasa pulls off the transparent clothes a lot better than JYP ever did.

BLACKPINK dancing with Michael Strahan??? What the…

Someone fancied up Lisa’s dance in a very Cyberpunk way. I actually found this via a RT from a Netrunner related Twitter account.

My bald bro Peniel put out a Valentine’s day song.

And so did fany.


Dreamcatcher’s new song is hella cool.


The Intro track on the Dreamcatcher album is straight up dubstep XD


Dreamcatcher really seem to be the queens of b-sides and intros - I always love everything on their albums, and often the b-sides are as awesome as the singles!

CLC’s “No” got 'em their first win. Well deserved, imho, the song is a bop.

Also Loona’s newest teaser is unlike anything I’ve seen in Kpop before. Which I guess I say all the time with this group…


Loona is back!

Their choreography is SO COOL. I don’t often see girl groups dancing like this - it reminds me a lot of Seventeen’s dancing - large formations, using the whole body and doing lifts. Really exciting!


As a sidenote, not to be a megafan, but I’ve never seen a comeback so fraught with third-party issues. Which isn’t a big deal to me as a person, but it does impact metrics for things like music show wins - Kakao-M didn’t print enough physicals to even meet preorder demands and delayed the album (thus sales). They pulled the album off of Apple music in order to sell it as singles (so it can’t iTunes chart as an album?), and it wasn’t correctly released on Spotify, which wasn’t fixed until three days in.

MCountdown also didn’t release the comeback stage video until several hours after the others were uploaded, which meant the most-viewed was a fancam (which the official Mnet account commented on?) instead of the official video, which impacts metrics for music show votes ig (especially noticeable that it was missing during prime viewing-time in Korea).

TL;DR I guess there’s a Loona curse! ¯\(ツ)


Taemin’s “Want” might be my favorite release this year so far. He’s doing really cool art!


We’re just sitting around waiting for comebacks from MAMAMOO, Sunmi, and other top tier people and this solo artist comes out of nowhere.

This song sounds like it was written by someone from Artzie music. That vaporwavish groove that is always reminiscent of the original score for SDF: Macross. I became a fan immediately. I hope she is successful enough that it’s not just one and done. Just keep singing songs just like this.


Queen of trot took a break from playing PUBG to record a new song. Also going to release her first full album, but some of the tracks will just be her old hits.


GWSN with their second song. Two songs, two hits. I’m all in on them. Definitely the group with the biggest quality/popularity disparity. Hopefully they can get some recognition soon.

Bigger news:


In case people don’t know, she was in 2NE1. There was some controversy because way back in the day she tried to bring Adderall to Korea, which she was legally prescribed in the US, but is illegal in Korea. This contributed to the end of 2NE1 as a group when people dug up the old news a few years back. She really has a unique vocal tone. We haven’t been able to hear her sing in years, so this is really fantastic.

The biggest song right now is the return of EPIK HIGH. They really went all out. Crush features on the song, and IU is in the music video. Tough to beat that. Probably an all kill situation.


Separate post for the big scandal news. BIGBANG’s Seungri, who always gave off vibes of being a bad boy, turns out to be an actually bad person. He owned a night club where a guy got beat up. That in turn has revealed a huge intertwining scandal that involves drug dealing, arrange prostitutes for VIP clients, corrupt police turning a blind eye, celebrity group chat rooms discussing it, other celebrities in those group chats sharing hidden cam vids of their own sexual encounters, and oooh boy it’s a big one.

Here’s a master post to get all the info.

Basically, anyone involved in this is done. Seungri “retired” from the entertainment industry, but also had his contract terminated. He was going to enlist soon anyway, but now may be enlisting in prison or who knows what.

Jung Joon Young, the hidden cam guy, admitted guilt and is cooperating.

We’ll see who else gets roped up in this. South Korea seems to be strange in that corruption seems to be very common, but also gets severely punished when it is uncovered.


Two more have quit.


Mainstream attention


Explosion of new stuff right now.

MAMAMOO is back like usual.

Baek Yerin is killing it.

Heize also killing it

MOMOLAND with another track in their usual style.

And Tayeon is releasing new music soon.

Yet again, where are the boy groups at? BTS should be back in a month or so. EXO is MIA. TXT, the new group from BTS company is… not my style.