I see a lot of Star Wars: Epic Duels in this things DNA.


Cyan is remastering every (good) Myst game for the 25th anniversary. This is extremely my jam.

Video Game Hype Thread

Holy shit! Cyan finally has the rights to distribute the third and fourth games? It’s about time!
I’m definitely picking up that collection.



Y’all help RT this


My friend made a thing. Well, more of a thing…


My friend Blair is trying to make his fourth album a kids album. Only 3 days to go and 1500 short it doesn’t look good.


Does anyone remember a TV series on The Hub called The Aquabats Super Show? It was sadly criminally underrated and was cancelled when the channel became Discovery Family. It was an homage to camp shows like Power Rangers and Adam West’s Batman where The Aquabats are superheroes who fight comically goofy villains.

The Aquabats have launched a Kickstarter to bring the show back. It will be running all the way to September 1, and they have yet to reach full funding. Please go donate, and if you haven’t yet, please go watch The Aquabats Super Show. It’s one of the funniest shows you’ll see in a long time.

Also, their Kickstarter update videos come in the form of serialized webisodes in the style of the show. Check them all out here.

EDIT: The entirety of season 2 is on their YouTube channel. Season 1 is on Amazon Prime.


I saw The Aquabats live when I was in college. What a great show.


We saw them in New York not that long ago. It was one hell of a set.

Unfortunately I had to gut-punch an overly aggressive mosher guy. Unfortunately he was too drunk to notice.



The Aquabats have rebooted their Kickstarter since it wasn’t reaching its goal in time. Check out the updated campaign below.


From the designers of Between Two Cities, Brewcrafters, etc: