My friend Jill Sobule is trying to make a record. I can’t afford to pledge rn but I’ll be pledging next month when I can.



Aw jeez…


I’m absolutely in support of this. Especially considering the various problems that case has caused - the R.Kelly Sex Cult story and the Weinstein story both got kicked around for months before they found outlets brave enough to publish them, for example - and the fact that Right-wing garbage vampire Peter Thiel is one of the competing bids, and as best we can tell, is only trying to buy it so that he can control and eliminate the possibility of the remaining claims against him being held by the Gawker estate from being pursued.

Plus, if they were around right now, they’d be quadrupling down on Trump’s sexual assault allegations, Roy Moore, and a lot of the others. After all, who broke, as the kickstarter points out, Bill Cosby, Kevin Spacey, Louis CK, Harvey Weinstein, Terry Richardson, James Toback, Bill O’Reilly, Roger Ailes, and Donald Trump’s sexual assault stories before anyone else, because all the major outlets decided it was too salacious?

I mean, really, you have a choice. Support a racist Right-wing Garbage Vampire suppressing the press for reporting on his hedge fund crashing and burning, using his money to basically circumvent freedom of the press and the proper operation of the legal system, and defending a famous racist who perjured himself in court to pretend he didn’t know about all the racist shit he was saying on the tape, or support a press outlet known for unapologetic adversarial journalism trying to make a fresh start away from their checkered past. No judgement if you made the wrong choice last time, but this is your chance to redeem yourself.

Plus, think of how much it would piss off the nasty little alt-right shits, the gators, the nazis, the trumpkins, the main-line republicans benefiting from Trump’s administration - they all hated Gawker, because Gawker never gave shitty people the deference and gentle treatment some other outlets afford them. They’re terrified Gawker might come back, because Gawker was never afraid of them, and didn’t give a shit for treating them nicely for the sake of propriety.


Do you still have your old dusty Sega Genesis/Mega Drive* in your closet? You can bring it out now.

This Kickstarter was already successful. You can preorder the game on the page.

*Don’t have a Genesis? No problem! It’s also available for Dreamcast, Nintendo Switch, and Steam.


Australian artist and all around great person Mamath has just launched her kickstarter for Tiny Pantheon, a collection of cute-as-hell enamel pins of the gods of the Egyptian pantheon.


I am definitely backing this. Those pins look amazing.


She really is a fantastic designer. I mean, full disclosure, I’ve made some of her pins in the past(Including the two examples of Bastet and Anubis linked in the description, though if these pins will be through me or another manufacturer, I legit have no idea), and every single design of hers I’ve seen has blown me away. Truly, someone I’ve been privileged to work with.


That is an A+ Horus pin! Just backed it.


A good solid board game review show doing a Kickstarter, but the amount of promos he is giving away is nuts.


Coming soon.


Super art fight, the home game, just started their campaign!



AnimEigo has launched a Kickstarter to bring Gunsmith Cats to Blu-Ray. It already surpassed its goal.


I might actually back that, Gunsmith Cats is one of my favorites.


A board game mentaility taken to a lawn game.


Whoever has the best-cut grass wins!


The afk room is having thier campaign again.


Pride cat/dog pins.


The game looks supremely dubious, but the bits look oh so shiny…