This speaker doesn’t have an output that you could use with hearing aides, but our Accuvoice speaker line has headphone outputs which carry our Accuvoice enhanced sound, which can be used with Loop systems and Bluetooth transmitters which can carry the sound to hearing aides. There are two versions, the basic AV200 is good for most folks. The AV205 is for folks with more severe hearing loss. An audiologist can custom program it to your hearing after doing an audiogram.


A controller that works on virtually anything? Sign me up.


Kickstarter link.


Just backed this. Going to be fun for cons.


More Ukiyo-e heroes, now with an awesome 4 poster Overwatch panorama, Zelda BotW, & FF7


For awhile Fuji has been making these Instax cameras, which are basically modern polaroids. I wanted an instant camera, but I didn’t like the film shape. They had mini and wide, which are both rectangles. Instant photos should be square!

I mentioned on the show back when they finally released Instax Square format. It’s smaller than original polaroids, but still good, and obviously square. The problem is that the first, and only, Instax Square camera wasn’t a “real” instant camera. It was a digital camera with a printer attached to it that used instant film. You would take photos, and then only print the ones you wanted after reviewing them on the LCD.

Well, leave it to Lomography to develop the first actual analog camera that uses the Instax Square film. I kickstarted it.


I love the look of the camera! Which color did you go with?


The Pigalle one. The other colors just don’t look “right”.


The Legend of Korra + tabletop boardgame?

Could be good?


I do not trust any boardgames based off a known non-gaming franchise/tv show. Also all other IDW titles aren’t that impressive, other than Machi Koro, and that’s an import from Japan.


Yeah, IDW is good at licensing, and that works in the comics biz. They are trying to use that licensing expertise to move into the board game biz, but they don’t know shit about games. I think they can still succeed financially if they eat Cryptozooic’s lunch.


Never have I been more drawn into a kickstarter video.


I don’t need that shit. I have bash.


This kind of thing might save some time for power users and admins, but most people use git so little in actual work that I have to wonder how much time it actually saves. On any given day I spend at most 5 minutes dealing with git, and I really only need 10 commands to do my job.


Agreed, I don’t think this would improve my speed with using Git, I always have a terminal window open with Fish.


I’ve used magit for years, and if you use both emacs and git, it’s great. I stick to the command line most of the time, but for hopping around files that have changed in git status, selecting hunks with the equivalent of git add -p, and picking out the start of a rebase commit without pasting the sha from gitk, it shines.


The new 7th Continent Kickstarter is now live! I haven’t played this yet, but a bunch of my friends have and haven’t been able to stop raving about it. This Kickstarter lets you back the original base game if you want as well.


For those who like game design books, I highly recommend this series.



In case you missed it the first time, the All Controller is now taking pre-orders via indie gogo