It's Handegg Season

Dare Ogunbowale is a running back kicker:

First since Wes Welker in 2004. Almost 20 years!

College football right now.

During his winning years I gave him a lot of credit. He was defensive coordinator on the NYG when they won two Super Bowls. Then he won six more with New England. Whenever he actually gave a proper interview about football, the man put a ridiculous level of knowledge on display. He could remember plays they ran in the college days in great detail. It was so clear that he was the all-time greatest mind and coach in the sport.

At the same time he always had these great players. The man was defensive coordinator of Lawrence Taylor. He was head coach of Tom Brady. It was really hard to say how much of the team success was a result of his coaching, and how much was a result of the players being talented.

Then Tom Brady left New England, and we could finally get our answer. Tom won the Super Bowl in Tampa. Of course, he only has 7 total to Bill’s 8, but without Tom, Bill shat the bed. In the four seasons since then, Bill only made the playoffs once, and lost in the first round. This season, the Patriots are extra stinky, and it will be Bill’s last with the team. End of the era and such.

As much as I don’t really like either one of them as humans, it’s pretty clear now. Tom Brady is the GOAT. Did Belichick’s coaching matter? Sure, but I think it’s safe to say that any other halfway decent coach would have won a few Super Bowls if they were in that same spot. Maybe less, but also maybe more?!

If Bill doesn’t retire, I’m sure another team will take a chance on him. That’s how they do. That will be his one more chance to prove that his coaching brings success, and he wasn’t just fortunate to have the best players on his team all the time. Or maybe he retires.

Either way, until then, I consider the question answered. As far as handegg goes, the quarterback really does matter the most, and the coach doesn’t matter nearly as much as I once thought.