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“I’m not Trump” won’t cut it. And when I see comments on posts about the allegations against Biden saying stuff like, “I don’t care if he sexually assaulted my child/loved one/me I’m still voting for him!” I have to wonder what evil has been ascribed to Trump to justify such evil in your own party. Whether or not the actual allegations are true, how do you come to the conclusion that the other side is so evil that even the most heinous of crimes from your side can be forgiven as long as you win? Yes, Trump is evil, but he’s a loudmouth and braggart that has merely called attention to the processes and machines in government that both sides have benefited from since the 1950’s, and taken them to an unheard-of level. Could he go full Hitler, with the cult of personality behind him? Possibly. Does that justify stooping to his level? Does that justify your only campaign message (basically) being, “we’re not them.”?

There’s N-1 people on this planet that aren’t Donald Trump. Why not vote for me, since I’m not Trump?

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The Democratic nominee is the only person with any chance of beating Trump. Everyone else has literally 0 chance. If the only thing you are about is beating Trump its not a hard decision.

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Right. The system is known, the rules are set, and now there is one choice. Do you want Trump or Biden? You don’t have two choices! There isn’t Trump yes/no and then Biden/someone else.

So get it out of your head that anyone is voting for Biden because Biden is perfect in every way that Trump is flawed. Everyone is voting for Biden to remove Trump… and also the party that is enabling Trump. Biden is just a figurehead for a government that isn’t actively malicious and utterly incompetent.

Just look at places like France. Their system made it so people had to vote for Marine le Pen of the National Front… or someone else. They went with the someone else. It’s important to go with the not-fascist-affiliated candidate.


lol I wish this were the case.

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Stop trying to find new threads to discuss the same shit that we already closed threads for.

Does Biden suck? Yes. But when you vote for him, you’re not just voting for him. You’re voting for all the people in government who come along with him. You’re voting for the cabinet, the judges he will appoint, the laws he will veto and sign. You’re voting for things like Ajit Pai no longer being FCC commissioner. You’re voting for a drastically better, if still vastly imperfect country and world.

Not voting. Voting third party are functionally equivalent to voting for Trump. Even when the facts are true, spreading negative information about Biden serves Trump, but not just Trump. All the government that is under Trump.

People come here pretending to be on the extreme left, and constantly post negative stories about Democrats. That is indistinguishable from someone on the extreme right. A Trump supporter would be posting the same shit. There’s no way to tell the difference.

TL;DR: If you’re not a Republican, stop posting like one, or we’ll treat you like one.


If you don’t want discussion of politics on this forum, that’s fine, I think we’ve all gotten too heated at this pointed and it never ends well.

But cut the shit with gatekeeping the left. There are people who have been systemically oppressed in this country regardless of who was in charge, and it’s disgusting to say they’re serving the right when they deign to ask that a candidate actually address their needs.


You also don’t win by appealing to people who have loudly been proclaiming they’re not gonna vote for you, or trying to beg people into compromising their principles(whatever those are to those people) to vote for you.
And, to be fair, if it’s not a winning strategy, he’s sure as hell the current presumptive nominee, and looks like he’s in with a decent shot to win the presidency at this time.

If that will hold, I’m not your magic 8-ball, answer unclear and please stop shaking. But for now, for a guy who is allegedly dementia-addled to the point of being effectively a vegetable, and also literally dead, possibly just an elaborate green screen hoax, and also literally a dozen other things before you even get to the broader conspiracy theories, he seems to be doing pretty alright.
At the very least, every attempt to “But her Emails!” the guy has fallen flatter that a gauge block so far, no matter how much demented, desperate enthusiasm gets put behind it, which does so far seem to be an alright sign.

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Any time someone drags Biden with any implication that one shouldn’t vote for him in the general election, there is a simple question to ask.

“What are you trying to accomplish?”

There are two possible outcomes. Biden wins, or Trump wins.

Those are the only two possible outcomes. There are no other options. There are no other avenues. That’s it. Biden, or Trump. Governance, or Fascism.

So if you even imply that someone shouldn’t vote for Biden… what are you trying to accomplish? Because the sole alternative to Biden winning is literal fascism winning.

See the above. It is against our code of conduct to be a Republican or express Republican ideals and interact with the GeekNights community. The same applies to all hate groups.

If any nonsense continues in this or any thread I’m just going to start banning people. It’s always the same handful of you. Every time. You never bring anything new to the table. I don’t understand what you think you’re accomplishing. Do you even know what you want?

The next post in this thread (by anyone other than me or Scott) had better be something about current events or news. Do not test my patience.

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Political discussion is fine. Want to talk about the recent supreme court decision about the right of states to subpoena the president? Want to talk about Carmen Arroyo getting removed from the ballot in NY? Plenty of political topics to discuss freely. If you like politics so much, how come you aren’t discussing them?

What is not fine in this community is being right-wing. Even if a person is on the far left in their heart, if they behave and post in a way that is indistinguishable from someone on the far right, then it must be treated as a person being on the far right. I have no way to know what someone truly believes in their heart, and can only judge the content of their posts. If someone posts only attacks on Biden, even true ones, that sure looks right wing to me.

There’s no gatekeeping, just awful reality. There are two cups. One cup has a drink that tastes fucking awful. One has literal poison. One of the two cups will be chosen. Everyone is going to be forced to drink a huge swig from the chosen cup. There is no avoiding this fact of life. Just like there is no way to prevent the earth from spinning on its axis. Even if someone stays home and ignores politics, someone will come to their door and pour the contents of one of the cups down their throat, metaphorically speaking.

If someone has the power to vote for the awful tasting cup, they are morally obligated to do so. They are also morally obligated to do what is within their power to make sure as many other people as possible choose the non-poison cup. Not doing so means they are partially responsible for us all having to drink poison. They will be partially responsible for the preventable deaths of other people. And therefore, they can go fuck themselves and get the fuck out.

When someone comes around and all they ever talk about is how icky the icky tasting cup is, as Rym said, what are they trying to achieve? The only thing that spreading that true information can do is to bring us all one tiny step closer to drinking poison. It’s especially suspicious when the same people do not constantly share any information about how poison the poison cup is.

To be on the left in the US a person must either support and vote for Joe Biden, or they must foment a literal revolution to overthrow the government. Not a false dichotomy, just the shitty reality we live in.

Isn’t this against the new forum rules :wink:

I’m not advocating for it.

This would all carry a lot more weight if the political threads had been locked after the primary ended rather than before Super Tuesday.

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The political threads were locked because, you might recall(Or maybe not), it was getting downright abusive, and people were acting like fucking psychopaths, including such hits as shitting on a community member’s sexual assault because it was inconvenient to an ideological point they wanted to score, and the chappy who straight up tried to stalk another community member, and had to be threatened with legal action. The timing really didn’t have a great deal to do with it, since I don’t think you’re suggesting we should have just let that sort of behavior continue because the primaries were on.


Feel owned yet?

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…Is Ford trying to kill cops?

Do we care? Fifteen characters.

I see this far more dangerous as a vector for abuse or “accidentally” kill someone, considering police cars are specifically designed so it is hard for people on the back seat to get out.


And from some of the stuff getting shared around, also to try and spread an old, long-debunked conspiracy theory about Princess Diana’s death. The reason is different(This time they’re linking it back to Prince Andrew and Royal sexual abuses), but the core hits are the same.

Yeah… I would be careful about attributing anything to “anonymous.” It doesn’t really exist, and almost everything anyone has claimed it did isn’t really verified.

Also, that doc is not new…


I removed a link to a suspect article regarding an “anonymous” leak.