I'm Saddened... (Board Games)


My brain saw ASL in the context of tabletop gaming and took a full minute to process it correctly. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_Squad_Leader


This is a game with a Japanese designer that re-implements their previous game titled “bye bye lemming.” However, the new theme is suspiciously identical to Deep Sea Adventure.


Has anyone tried City of Kings yet?

When it was on Kickstarter, I thought it was just another Gloomhaven-like cooperative campaign game, so I passed. Reading some of the reviews though, while it is a cooperative game, it seems much more like Mage Knight (which is awesome) than Gloomhaven.



This sounds like a fun one.


Bye Bye Lemming has much better art! I hear the game is kinda bad, but still.


Wow, I won’t have to pay like $120 or spend a bunch of time making a physical board game.


So I guess Chudyk made a kinda-wargame?

It’s only available as a print-on-demand via The Game Crafter, and it doesn’t look like anyone’s played it yet.

I am curious, but the last time I bought Chudyk sight unseen, I got Impulse and we all know how that turned out.

Someone be my guinea pig and report back.


Spoilers for an upcoming GeekNights.

This game is an A+ euro “worker placement” engine builder.


A Pacific theater game, no less.


Cole Wehrle’s GDC talk is up now:

“King Me”: A Defense of King-Making in Board Game Design (Video)


Hello everyone,

My first introduction to modern tabletop gaming was the end of last year when I played Settlers of Catan for the first time (cliche I know). I’ve been hooked ever since and have been pouring through BGG and lots of Youtube videos learning about different games and playing as many as I can. I live in Taiwan so the local game stores don’t have quite as robust a selection as back in the States, but I’ve still been able to play a bunch of different ones so far.

I’ve bought Istanbul and Castles of Burgundy so far (won Sid Meier’s Civilization base game in a raffle) and have really enjoyed those as well. Looking forward to getting more plays in.

I have a pretty big “to play” list so far and many of the games from Rym and Scott’s “40 games you need to play” videos are in there. I’m still so new to this so my goal this year is to just get a lot of exposure to many different types of games.

I played Sid Meier’s Civilization a few weeks ago and really enjoyed the civ-building style of game. Does anyone have any other good recommendations? I’ve heard a lot of good things about Clash of Cultures, Through the Ages and Nations.


Welcome! I cut my teeth on lots of different games back in 2012, but the one that really hit and made me pay attention at the time was Eclipse (we played weekly for a while). The power of 4x games is real. :slight_smile:

If I have any advice out the gate, try to hang on to that love for Settlers of Catan as you play more games - in some groups I’ve played with, it has a reputation as something you “graduate” from and never return to, but that’s a bunch of baloney.

I haven’t played Clash of Cultures or Sid Meier’s Civilization (2010), but Through the Ages and Nations are going to give you pretty different experiences. There’s a digital version of Through the Ages that will help with learning the rules etc. Nations is a simpler game, but I found it kind of flat and uninteresting.

Since you mentioned the top 40 tabletop games panel… I’ll give two personal tweaks (I think I can editorialize a bit, it’s my fault they played Fast Food Franchise or 18xx :stuck_out_tongue: )

Eclipse - Don’t be afraid to try Twilight Imperium 4e, too. Maybe with someone else’s copy if you don’t want the giant $100+ box. But Twilight Imperium is very different, political, and not really as long as its reputation.

Some Grognard Wargame - Combat Commander: Europe. I fell down that hole last month after bouncing off every other game with tactical combat I’ve ever played. Every writeup talks in glowing terms about how it “tells a great story” and they’re 100% correct.


Also as someone who generally.playa games to socialize do not be afraid to try games that look really dumb. Reverse Charades is now my go to party game with non board gamers.

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More of my friends are interested in playing Root than I had suspected, so that’s great.


Cute animals go a long way.


The progression I see commonly is something along the lines of:

  1. I don’t like “heavy/mean/military/complicated” games.
  2. Everyone on Earth is talking about Root as the new hotness in tabletop
  3. Wow, Root is SUPER CUTE
  4. -plays root-
  5. Whoa. Turns out I LOVE “heavy/mean/military/complicated” games

(Yes, I know Root is neither heavy nor complicated. But for a lot of TT people, it certainly looks that way).

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I mean it literally does seem this way. I swear, every thread in r/boardgames has someone talking about Root.


This is what happened to me last year, awakening some slumbering feelings left by years of absence from tabletop RPG gaming.

18xx and John Company were on the leading edge, but Root was the seismic event after last year’s PAX East. Soon it’s suspenders and consimworld.


If you start wearing suspenders we’re gonna have some words.



/15 character of frowning.