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We’re here and we’re LOUD


Honestly, considering the state of our nation, LOUD is the only setting that is appropriate.


Jon here - May, 1982. I am a mechanical engineer, musician, husband, father, and board game enthusiast here in central Illinois. I came across some GeekNights videos on Youtube while researching game design a few months ago, and since then I’ve purchased several new games, started watching anime, and reading a lot more - thanks fellas! I’m here to know you all better, and share what I have to offer.


sept 1989
3/4ths of an engineering degree
Discovered game theory pax talks on youtube.
avid board gamer. Less so video games. When i do they’re older games.


Hey forum, I’m Jums. People call me that offline as well, because a long time ago I started mutating my Facebook display name every so often to an absurd mush of syllables and this one resonated somehow. I’m a non binary gender person and prefer they/them pronouns if you can help it but don’t sweat it; he or she is fine too.

I’m a sysadmin born in late 83. In previous careers I was a graphic designer, but earlier on a NEET playing in bands and DJing with all of my time (barely sleeping). I finished a BS in IT at the University of South Florida a few years ago and I really wish I hadn’t spent money on it. It’s fine. I’m trying to get out of the sysadmin field, writing as much portfolio code as I can to escape into web development.

The brain-breaking absurd turn of pretty much all of my other normal web hangouts brought me here, a spot I’ve lurked on and off over the years. I’ve religiously listened to the podcast since about 2010 and I’ve consumed the entire episode archive at least 1.5 times. I like it here, and I’m glad it didn’t follow a lot of other nerd-adjacent hangouts into anarcho-capitalist, proto-fascist hell world like my other spots did.

Follow my extremely banal and way too online non-nerd twitter account @jumsbugs if you have space in your feed for my escapist and stupid release valve.

I can talk ice hockey from the perspective of a recreational player, and a kind-of casual fan of watching pro & international. Cool. I like talking visual arts stuff and media criticism too. Cool, cool. I can’t help but see most things within the political contexts in which they exist because politics influences everything in all of our lives. Not so cool but necessary to keep my brain from melting.

See you around, forum!


I can guarantee this will never happen here.


Yeah, while we have a pretty wide variety of viewpoints here, they by and large range from center-right to far-left and there are no fascist wackos (at least none who show it, anyway) on here.


I wanna make the joke from a bit of Fry and Laurie where the guy goes “well my father is Libreal Democrat and my mother is centre right labor so I should be central green but I’m actually a nazi”, but even joking about that isn’t funny anymore. If I wasn’t both on mobile and in Italy I’d link to it.


I can tell. I just found the queer stuff thread so I know I’m in the right place.


Hi everyone!

My name is Logan, born 1996. I am a scientist working on my PhD in Biophysics from Michigan. I have been listening to GeekNights for years, but I have been putting off making a FRC account because I’m lazy. The recent nonsense with twitter has changed my mind on that front, so I hope to have a more positive experience here!


Hello! I’m Jonathan Belaire and I’m 24 years old. I graduated from LSUS with BS in Computer Science. Currently working as a software developer for a pharmacy software company in Shreveport, Louisiana. I (try to) make games in my free time and also love to write and play music. Geek Nights is one of the few podcasts that I’ve actually kept up with for over a year and I’ve finally joined the forum! woohoo!


Wow, reading through these made me realize that I’ve been on this forum for about 7 years, slightly longer than my entire adult life.