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Oh cool! Thanks Victor!


Kristen Benedict, born January 6, 1986. 3rd Generation (?) FRC. SUNY Purchase '10, Cinema Studies, Connecticut School of Broadcasting TV/Radio Certificate. Currently employed as Operations Assistant/Video Editor for Simsbury Community Television, Simsbury, CT (where I live). Yay, Public Access!!

I met Rym and Scott at NYCC 2007 after my college roommate fan-girled over their podcast. They were cool, but I stuck around to make sure her story didn’t turn into a cautionary tale after we were invited on the spot to their New Year’s Party… I blame society and all the crime scene dramas I like to watch. Happily, the crew turned out to be AWESOME and they decided to keep me around.

“Hailing from the foreboding Avon, CT woodlands, Kristen will savagely destroy all obstacles in her path. Seamstress, baker, part-time superhero, she delights in patrolling the mean streets, avenging the blood of the innocent. Kristen is intelligent, strong, resilient, compassionate, and talented. Kristen arouses delight like a marshmallow peep. Her cat, Lady Catherine de Purr, is not to be trifled with, much like Kristen. She has the cutest niece in the whole world, *nough said.”


Well I hardly have to welcome you here, but I will say it’s nice to have someone else from Connecticut around here. I hail from Stamford.


Sorry to bump a 3 month old topic.

Hello ~ I go by ‘xiao’ online & whenever I game occasionally. I found Geek Nights over a decade ago listening to AWO, and coincidentally found AWO through the Ninja Consultant podcast, which right in turn brought me back to Geek Nights! Though I think Mr. Horn & Macias’s Animerica publication had an inadvertent hand in my descent into geekdom before I even knew what a geek was.

I once had a fascination for drawing bad podcaster fanart on MS Paint… that quickly faded once I finished college. And now I enjoy spending my leisure time geeking out about comics & manga, K-Pop, dancing, sports cars, toys/figures, cosplay, the occasional action anime or video game, music, and overall audio tech/engineering stuff.

Decided to sign up when I heard Rym & Scott talk about the forum validation question recently on two episodes, if only cause I can’t resist cracking a good inside joke/pun. Also cause I couldn’t find any Geek Nights episodes talking about Gwenpool. Hopefully it’s not one of those comics Scrym hate for XY reason, since anything Marvel makes me squee like PT Chapman on MLP.

Nice to meet y’all, cheers!☆


Nice to meet you too, xiao!

As far as bumping is concerned, we actually encourage it around here; on the old forum we had many threads with thousands of comments, and some with tens of thousands. This topic in particular is pinned in order to further encourage exactly this kind of bump!


Thank you lackofcheese! Forgot to mention I live at the edge of the Southern border right between Texas & New Mexico. I vaguely remember the old forums, but never signed up; Viga’s posts were always pretty enjoyable to read! And so far I’m enjoying the crossplay friendly atmosphere haha :heart:


Hello (again). I was a member of the old GeekNights forum a few years ago and wandered off for a while. Now I’m back! Back to yell about how Nazis are bad and how grapefruit and Dota 2 is good, actually.


I am a terrible dota player but I shall play with you, on steam it’s aspvip for the occasional single draft, if you’re in the mood.


Hello, I’m HR, from the Seattle area and have been listening to GN for several years. I’m kind of a podcast junkie as well as an anime and Asian film fan. I’m not very smart and I don’t know a lot about anything but I can write pretty well and I know when to shut the eff up and listen so people who know me think that I’m more intelligent than I am. Nerd


I’m Joe, a father of three working as a network specialist in NE Ohio. I’m probably on the higher end of the age range for a GN listener and I feel like I have been listening for many years now, it was one of the first few podcasts I started following regularly. I’m not a real die hard anime fan but I do enjoy watching some and listening in on the discussions. I really like the tech talk and I usually find the topics interesting and insightful. My interests, in no particular order, include Linux, Mac/PC hardware and software, board games, video games, soccer, biking, hiking, programming, movies, comics, and camping. I dabble in lots of things but haven’t really specialized in any. Two of my most enjoyable events in the past year was going to my first convention (dicetowercon) and bike-packing from Pittsburgh to D.C.


I’m K,

I’m an older-ish member from the old forums and just joined the new community site in prep for the newest book club book.

I’m thinking of buying a digital copy of all three of the books (so far). But I haven’t really started any digital book collection and would love to know others’ feelings and experiences?

I’m considering both kindle and nook though I feel very weary of vendor lock in and have little hope of a decent platform independent experience. I use Linux (openSUSE) and would love to know any warnings and advice.

Otherwise I’m a programmer in her mid-30s who lives in Colorado and loves Unity versus Unreal dev, design, and community. I graduated Uni in 2005 in Comp.Sci and enjoy mostly research and spend to much time rootimg through and with

I’ve been listening to GN since the early days right after the theme music was added (old?). I have Dystonia - which ruled my 20s and only something I have began to get effective treatments for with my last year and so hope to enjoy getting much more actively geeky and maybe even make it to a conference sometime before my 40s. I love my Wii and PC gaming… and though I enjoy anime I know almost nothing about it. So uber nerd - rest geeky.

And hope to all in Harvey’s path (circa-2017-08-28).


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Hello all. My name is Daniel. I’m from WV. I was born on January 17 of 1997.

I am currently going to a medical school for front, billing and coding and will be graduated by January of 2018 and hope to get a good enough job to support my fiance for when we get married in June, 2018.

I enjoy many fasets if geek culture, and am only limited by my knowledge and the time in which it would take to learn new things. The tops, at the top of my head, includes: Transformers, various anime that I got into but refuse to get into any new ones for fear of being a social outcast, unique board games that I can buy, video games, 40s television and radio shows, fighting games of which I am not esspecily good at but enjoy none the less, and many others think I’m sure I’d regret later for not remembering.

I’m glad to join this forum, and am looking forward to the times I will remember here.


I’m Duncan, born September 4th, 1988 and I’m from the St Louis area. I’m a freelance graphic designer as well as a game designer. I’m a stay at home Dad as well so my kids end up being my play-testers a lot. I have published graphic design and layout work for The St. Louis American and also do auditing and quality control for another local paper but only on Sundays.

I also travel to and sell games at cons,
I’m 1/3 designer of a published card game as well.
I owe that to Rym and Scott because while I got into the industry through my brother, Rym and Scott taught me how to design games through their videos and podcasts.

I never posted in the old forum so here is my first ever post, glad to be here and thanks geeknights!


Also I’m a c o m m u n i s t but I’m not here to discuss politics as that’s pretty much all i discuss on other social media


Well, if discussing politics is your thing, that’s possible here… If you are able to wade through it all.

It’s nice to have you here!


Welcome, comrade. You’ll find yourself in good - if very wordy - company here, though admittedly you’ll find more pragmatic sorts, rather than the type to build gallows for the bougies in the sky.

Good move avoiding politics here, though - you have to have a pretty well-armored hide to make it through that gauntlet without cracking.


Thanks for the warm welcome :slight_smile: I might have a pair of wading boots.


Thanks Comrade. I mean if you all want to drag me by the arm I’m sure willing to get into it all sometime. Also my hides been tanned by many a solo mission spent spreading the good news of communism to the inhabitants of Ancapistan and ancap versus ancom debate groups.


Well, compared to that, I don’t doubt we as a group are less frustrating and infuriating to say the least. But despite being surrounded by like-minded people, it can get very contentious. But nobody’s going to drag you in, it’s something you’d have to jump into willingly - we’re decent enough about that, at least.