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I’m Anne, or Shycat, I’ll answer to either. I’m a grad student, and I work a boring desk job to pay for school. I love to read, and sometimes I manage to write something decent. Other than books, my geekeries are anime and games; also equestrian sports, but that’s on the back burner because it costs lots of money, which I do not have.

I’ve lurked for a while (I’ve been listening on and off since 2005? or maybe 2006, I forget. I found you guys after seeing a panel at Connecticon, anyway) and will probably continue to mostly lurk, but since I made an account for the new forum I figured I would say hello. Hello!


What’re you studying in grad school? Always good to see another fellow traveler :slight_smile:


English literature. Which, ha, I’m not sure what I’ll be able to do with it. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about job security when you have a humanities degree, but there’s data that’s encouraging, too. They say you hear the horror stories because bitter people make the most noise. I’ve got a few years to figure it out, anyway.

I see you’ll be moving to Germany? What made you decide to make such a big move? Something about the research program?


I’m Andy, age 30 from Gloucester Virginia. Sadly my work is not terribly geeky I work in sales for a hardware wholesaler, but among my various geek hobbies I play console and PC games, write dieselpunk fiction, play and run tabletop RPGs, and study Japanese including some translation work. Also pretty sure I went to high school with @Burritoad who got me into Geeknights way back when.


My name is Finian McLonergan. My daughter Sharon and I just moved to Rainbow Valley, Missitucky from Glocca Morra, Ireland. We’re here to get greater returns on our financial investments, but a pesky pixie and a greedy Senator are making life a bit difficult for us. However, I suspect things will turn out alright. As they say, look to the rainbow!


I didn’t realize you identify as a young adult fiction novel now.


My name’s Nate, I’ve been listening to GeekNights for 300 years, I’m an immortal time-traveling wizard from the year 4 billion.


My name is Mark, founder of Jeet Kune Do - “The Way of the Fist.” I fled to this country from Hong Kong after killing a man.


At the age of six I was born without a face.


As long as you enjoy it, there are worse ways to spend a few years than grad school. Especially if you are passionate about your research. I’m going to Heidelberg because it’s basically the global centre for studying star formation, and because I’ve got a few networking contacts there that led to a job offer. The city’s beautiful too. I’ll miss Canada somewhat, but I’m pretty work-driven, so I don’t mind going where the work takes me.


I am nine. That bound elemental of flaming you assholes chained below the never-raising drawbridge and left behind! Luckily for me I’m not completely a forgotten fool as I was named once again. Brace yourself, lovelies. For we will ride anew, once I manage to spit lava instead of pumice again.


Name’s Stedman. Age: 27. Went to college for Linguistics, but I currently work on a service desk for a law firm. I’m on an endless quest to improve my Japanese.


Welcome to the ivory tower, also awesome avatar too.


My name is Mitchell and I live in Lexington, Kentucky. Right now I pay the bills by doing IT work for a factory, but the dream is to eventually design and build furniture for a living. I’ve been listening to the podcast since '08-ish, but am just now poking around in the forum.


I’m Chris. I found out about the podcast from the Utena videos. I have an engineering degree from a SUNY school. I’m currently an electrical engineer.


Velkommen! This Ivory Tower is a good place.


Hi I am Ben and I am from US. West Coast. I new to forums. I am trying to be a regular guy here but I am not used to it so it might take some time for me to be a regular visitor here.


Welcome Ben! We’re happy to have you!


Indeed, welcome! We members of the FRCF West are few, but powerful! @Rochelle being the most powerful.


Haha, Thank you guys!