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I have heard many good things about Snakes and Lattes, yeah! I’m glad that board game cafés in general seem to be on the rise. We have at least two local ones in Edmonton now with a couple locations each, and I think I saw a third one pop up recently. From what I can tell they’re all super successful too. Fun places to be!


I was 18 when I was 15. Ive been 22 since growing my beard.


I’m Joseph, ElJoe0 or WaveyGraveyPlay on the internets. Started listening in like 2008. 23 now. Outside of FRCF (where I used to be kinda semi-regular) I moderate a large London based Reddit meetup community, and have a hand in organizing community arts festivals.

Gots me a degree in cultural history from Goldsmiths/UoL and a coffee addiction (aeropress 4 life),

Geekwise I’m really into animation, 19th century history, podcasting, and over analysing everything.


Hola, my name is Alicia. Currently 31 year old soccer mom…never thought that would describe me but oh well. I was a lurker on the old forum and I’ll probably be a lurker till the day I (or this forum) dies.


I’m Chie, from the Thanksgiving 84 run of biracial Japanese allergic to Turkey. Not original FRC but I have a Scrym number? BFA in industrial design from RISD, currently working in software development and as a computer science educator.

Geekeries include board games, particularly engine builders like Chudyks and Dominion. I also video game, modded Minecraft, Overwatch, Borderlands, Portal, Witness, Stanley Parable, FTL, Nethack.

Dominant hobbies also include rock climbing, hiking, cycling, swing dance, martial arts, music, gardening, general crafting, Arduino shit, and tea.

I hate fun.


Hi, I’m Adam from Sydney, Australia. I’m a dev specialising in integration middleware, but have just quit and taken a management position starting in a few weeks. In my non-working hours I play piano for local musical theatre companies, take photos, and play video and board games.


I am Jeremy, Born Aug. 7, 1980. I am a Weld Specialist for Genie (we build blue boom and scissor lifts). I have an AAS in Weld Technology. I play and own a lot of board games, and am in the process of designing a few myself. I’ve been listening to Geek Nights since 2008.


I’m Matthew. 26 now, soon to be 27. Been a listener since the first year when a fellow member of Cybercamps informed me that our former camp counselor, Scott, has started a podcast. So, I got to experience supervisor Scott as a youngin. This gave me good insight into critical points of view, and when to listen to or ignore them :wink:.

I graduated from Manchester Community College (CT) with an associates degree in Visual Fine Arts and another in Graphic Design. By this coming summer I’ll have my bachelors in “University Studies, specializing in Multimedia Web Design” from the University of Hartford. The former school provided a much stronger community and connection with the professors, albeit the cheapest possible option.

I focus my efforts on helping fellow fine artists and causes by providing web design, hosting, graphic design, social media help and consultation. For my real job I manage an eCommerce site that is hosted through an abomination of a service provider. I hope to soon get a job working in a local media company that has offices in Boston, New York, and Farmington (CT), ideally transferring to one of the bigger cities. In terms of coding, I specialize in PHP.

When the weather provides for it I enjoy taking my skateboard (with longboard wheels) out around town, doing basic maneuvers like long manuals and dealing with traffic.

Glad to be on the new forum!


I am David Welty. I was born in May of 1979. Suppose that makes me an elder statesman of this board. Get off my lawn!! I’m deep into board games, perform stand up comedy, and have been to a number of PAX’s. You have no idea who I am as I am Mr. Cellophane.


I’m Lou Arruda, and I got you beat, @Dromaro as the elder statesman. I was born in September of 1976. I’m a software engineer for a small company you also probably haven’t heard of, though we do have some pretty big customers. I live in the Boston area. I’m generally an anime and gaming geek, though I have some other interests like aviation. I also have a big anime and gaming backlog which probably hurts my cred in those areas, but hey, that’s life.


Wow it’s like Australians are the 2nd most populous people on the forum now? Maybe?


Fair dinkum, cobber.


Frony Row Crew. Come and say G’day.


Edit; was going to post the Bruce sketch from Monty Python…but it does not age well.


Yeah, can’t argue with that one. We know it’s a product of it’s time, but it still whips out a slur just a few too many times to be comfortable with it in casual usage.


It was the bit at the end that was the nail in the coffin. That said their updated version gets rid of the worst parts but its hard to get hold of.


My name is Nate, and to dust off an old chestnut, I have savegames older than some of you folks.

(I’m also currently a software trainer at a hospital in Boston.)


I’m Mark, age 28. I live in Durham, North Carolina and work in digital forensics. In my spare time I design and build stuff for a local escape room company and occasionally dabble in game design and “maker” type stuff. I think I first heard GeekNights around 2008 or so. My geekery covers all the typical things, particularly animation, games, sci/tech, and UX type stuff.


I’m Emily! I’m a 3D artist with a background in film and animation, currently working in the video game industry in New York. I live with my darling partner Rym and two bunnies, Theoden and Mugi (I’m very enthusiastic about rabbits in general.) When I’m not in the middle of some crazy creative project, I enjoy doing Japanese translation, writing fiction, gaming, running, rock climbing, and biking all around the city.


I’m Victor! I run a production company, FrostWorks, here in sunny Los Angeles, California. I got my bachelors degree in the Cinema and Television Arts with an emphasis on Radio Production but have been working professionally as an Audio Engineer for the last 10 years. When I’m not overworking myself, I like to work on my bike, my car, and build stuff.