Identify Yourself


More like a singularity a Scottularity if you will.


What can I say? It’s just good sense to have multiple backups.


So is it a Redundant Array of Independent Scotts?


Hitman Hart is a good old Calgary Boy. Big sad in my hometown when his brother died.


Hey, I’m Andrew, I’m 29 and have been on this forum for fucking 11 years. I make VR happen.


I’m Ben, born late August 1988. I got my BSc in Physics & Computer Science from the University of Calgary in 2011, and my PhD in Theoretical Astrophysics from McMaster University this year (2017). I’m planning to move to Germany sometime in the spring to start work as a postdoctoral researcher at Heidelberg University. My work is mostly numerical, simulations of galaxy formation and evolution.

When I’m not working, I watch too much anime, read fewer books than I’d like, and try to ride my bicycle whenever I can. I also like board/video games. I discovered Geeknights/FRC after seeing “Beyond Dungeons & Dragons” at PAX 2010.


Hi, I’m Clinton but on the old forum I went by canine224. I currently live in Portland, OR but originate from South Georgia.


Neat. I’ve been a PAX Aus goer since the frozen showgrounds days, but I should definitely check out Comicstreet.


I’m Guy. I used to be Totally Guy on the last iteration but if I can have just my shorter name it makes things easier.

My closest connection to the community was that I used to attend Burning Con back when it was regular. I think I even discovered GeekNights through the Burning Wheel wiki.

I live in Birmingham, England and work for a construction company as a Quantity Surveyor. I try to innovate the systems to make sure we get a good quality of information for paying our bills and writing our applications for payment.

I don’t believe in superstitions and rituals but I believe there is a benefit to superstitious and ritualistic behaviour and engage in it myself.

I used to watch anime before I had access to the internet at home. I lost interest in most of it after attending a convention and encountering a fan culture that I had no desire to join in with.

I love to play board games, I enjoy playing field hockey which I hope to get better at with regular practice.

I love travelling with my fiance. She comes up with so many ideas of places and things to see and I love when we go out and do it.


Oh man, i remember that show well. I was managing Wombat, before it was one of the bigger Theatres, and when it was right next to the operations room. Which lead to a lot of brief hellos to Robert Khoo, and more than a few late-night, cheekily shared cigarettes with Yug and his team, and being outdoors, a lot of everybody freezing their bits off. We had Scrym’s panels that year, too. I still manage in Sat Theatres, though I tend to be upstairs with Kookaburra and the rest. If you’ve seen a theatres enforcer with either about a fuckin’ pound half of metal on their lanyards, or heard one shout “Ladies and gentlemen” real loud, that’s me.

You’re welcome to join on the rest of the Aus crew anytime. There’s a lot of Board games, drinking, good food, and me being late to everything because I work too much.


I’m Scott Johnson, It is arguable whether I am Scott or Other Scott or Scojo, as I am older and wiser than Rubin. Haha, I can’t technically say I’m a “Founding” member of the crew since I was helping run the club that they were in the front row of but by the end of their first year of college we had all become friends. As an old man of Nov 25th 1979 birth. (apology to the actual old men out there). I live in the Suburbs of Philadelphia with my wife, Laura and our daughter Kaywinnet.

I’m interested in spelling things incorrectly, using bad grammar and using as many ellipses as possible…

My real interests haven’t changed much, I follow politics closely, hording a large collection of games of all sorts I never play and keeping relatively up to date on Comics. Lately I’ve been appearing on podcasts from FNPL to Geeknights Political book club.

I work as a IT janitor for a Pharma outsourcing company. Wasting away my Biotechnology degree. During College I wrote a webcomic for about 5 years called Dubthis!

//Founding member of the Scott club for plausible deniability and greater narcissism.


I’m Josh, but usual handles are Joshiro or just Shiro. 29 from San Antonio, TX. Currently in between jobs and also working on returning to school to complete Associate’s degree for Computer Science and possibly work towards Bachelors afterwards. Love gaming. Lately I’ve been playing a lot of FFXV on my PS4. I also game on PC, Xbox, and Nintendo as well.


I can only imagine. I’d just gotten into wrestling when Owen died.


Hey all! I’m Eryn, also known by my longer internet handle ErynCerise. I’ve been listening to GeekNights since 2006 and a became a forumite in 2007, shifting between various levels of activity and lurking over the last decade or so. Shiny new forum’s got me excited, so my activity’s pickin’ up a bit again. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I’m from Alberta, Canada and I’m 29 going on 30 this February, at which point I will have to start preparing for Carrousel (maybe by, I don’t know, actually watching Logan’s Run instead of pretending like I’ve seen it). Despite being a dinosaur in internet terms, I’ve somehow managed to do what all the kids these days dream of doing by making my living partly by playing video games for YouTube. I have a BA in Film Studies and have spent the last year completing a payroll/office admin diploma program while making content for my channel. At this point I really would love for YouTube to become my full-time job! I honestly can see myself reaching that point in the long run. But yeah, need to support myself in the meanwhile and retail wasn’t cutting it, so here’s hoping for a return to gainful employment after my program is finished.

Geekery-wise, I’m into a lot of things. Film is obviously one of them (some favourites include: Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Run Lola Run, Scott Pilgrim, Wings of Desire, Holy Motors, Return to Oz). I’ve also been into anime since the good old 90’s, and one of my favourite shows of all time is Revolutionary Girl Utena. Lately I’ve been getting more and more into idol anime as a result of what I do, and I’m also getting into the developing western visual novel scene. Games with a wry, metafictional sense of humour like The Stanley Parable and Portal are also my jam, as are old PlayStation platformers like Spyro and Crash Bandicoot, and adventure games like the Monkey Islands and Sam & Max.

I’m also extremely into video essays and video reviews as a creative format, be they humorous, educational, or somewhere in between. I’ve written academic essays on the format before and I feel like things are just now starting to mature beyond the old angry critic archetype that used to dominate the scene (though I have still been known to like me some angry critic stuff when the mood strikes me). I really would like to get back to making more video essays myself, but I have a few more big project obligations on the channel to complete before I can delve back into that realm.

Sooo yeah. That was a bit rambly but that’s me. Hi. :wave:


I’m Viga. I was Viga on the old forum too. I used to be around a lot more back in the day. First joined and listened to the podcast in 2007. I do Youtube videos about idol anime and is an on again off again artist.

I’m realizing that I practically changed so much over these 10 years and so has a lot of the people I made friends with here.

Oh no. We’re old?! NOOOO!




I’m still 22 according to most people I meet.


Another Albertan! What city/town you from? (If you’re from Calgary or can get there easily, check out Sentry Box, it’s a gaming/scifi/anime store big enough to fit a large house inside).


I’m in Edmonton, but I’ve lived in Calgary too and am very familiar with the Sentry Box. I used to go there for JAWS meetings back in 2002, Sonny Jim. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Man, I miss that place. Hamilton has nothing even remotely like it, and I haven’t found anything comparable in Toronto either (Snakes and Lattes is cool though…)