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Hi, I’m Jonathan Abrams, born on March 16, 1979. I graduated college in 2001, but had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, so I spent three years teaching English in Japan from 2004 to 2007. When I came back to the US, I went to the first(?) combined New York Comic Con and Anime Convention (I think this was the first year they merged them), and somehow ended up getting a Geek Nights business card from either Rym or Scott, and started listening to the podcast. Eventually, I found my way over to the forums, where, after making a comment about a local comic shop, found out that I lived pretty close to a couple other forum members. We met up to start a roleplaying campaign, and they’ve been my friends ever since, and I’ve slowly gotten to know some of the other Front Row Crew Members.

In 2009, after telling everyone for 9 years that I didn’t want to be a lawyer, I went to law school and graduated in May 2012. Since 2013, I’ve been an appellate attorney at the Department of Veterans Affairs in Washington, DC.

My primary geek hobbies include tabletop board games, books and comics, some videogames, and I’m a lapsed anime fan.


Hi! I’m Laura. I’m an industrial engineer and I went to RIT. I’ve been listening to Geek Nights since 2008.


Hey y’all. I’m Grey. I’m currently working as a tutor in Washington, DC. I got my Bachelors of Science in Physics from the University of Utah in 2015. Unfortunately, I have no idea what I want to do with that. Anyway, I’m super into Burning Wheel, and moderately into role-playing games, abstract board games, strategy computer games, science fiction and of course science. I’ve been on the forums for a while, but have only posted rarely, so I figured I might as well reintroduce myself. Nice to meet you all again.


I’m Scott Johnson (Not the political FRC member or tech people). I have a B.S. in Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication from James Madison University in 2013. Trying to figure out what to do with life but main goal is to become financially independent. I’m super into writing, craft beer & homebrewing, cooking, film, television, animation, and analyzing pop culture.

Found out about Geeknights through mutual friends of the FRC and Fandom around 2009; still enjoying the podcast. Can generally trust Scrym’s opinions on quality of tech and things of the day.


I’m Anthony, but most people on the internet just call me DemoWeasel (demolitions + weasel).

My parents immigrated into the United States from Mexico, and I have 3 siblings. I’m an artist for a living and have a BFA in character animation; I also draw a good grip of furry art.

I play a lot of board games with my boyfriend Chris Reimer of GeekNights Patreon Supporter fame, and generally spend my free time watching movies and other media activities that don’t involve drawing.


I’m Dan other wise known as Amp, because I misspelled Ampersand to many times for it to be funny.
Not as old as I look but not as young as I want. Pretty handy with a sword.

Have a B.A in Ancient and Medieval history, with my dissertation being written on the changes in English politics during the Wars of the Roses. Which let me tell you is a riot at parties. At present I am relearning Japanese from the secondary school days with the hopes of getting up to the N-1 by the end of 4 years or so, with the option then of moving into translation or getting my MA.

Currently living in rural Japan as the resident dancing monkey in the school where I also get to play/coach basketball and Kendo. I’ve also taken up boxing as I didn’t feel that my existence was masochistic enough so I needed to get punched in the head three times a week.

Geekeries chiefly lie in role playing games and the fluff that comes with them. Also, surprisingly, quite fond of the old animes and manga. Currently working my way through the Japanese release of One Punch Man and All Out.


I’m Heidi, born 7/88. I studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Queensland and am currently working as a process engineer on a team designing a bauxite mine. My job is fun to do and dull as hell to tell people about, but if you want to know about mass balances, hit me up. I live in Brisbane, Australia where the winters are lovely and the summers are a sticky mess.

I like video games that don’t rely on speed and reflexes, science fiction novels, bird watching, and cooking stews. I’m a wizard once a week in a Pathfinder game. I also do weightlifting because its good to be well rounded.


I’m Jordan, currently living that call center life for Honda in the backwoods of Western MA. Some of you might know me from conventions around the East Coast and some panels I do for Connection, Anime Boston, and this year Magfest as well. I have my hands in a lot of nerd pies but the stuff I’m most about is Martial Arts movies, video games, Hip Hop, and some pro wrestling when the mood strikes.


Funny Coincidence, I’m also From/in Brisbane, and my family’s business almost certainly sourced and embroidered at least some of the safety workwear you(or at least, the miners, I’m not sure what gear you get) are issued. We push through thousands of sets of mining issue clothing a year. You should join us for PAX, and there’s other Brisbane events on from time to time, like Comicstreet.

Anyway: I’m one of the Council of Scotts(Along with Scott, Scott, Scott, Scott and Scott), but most people I know call me Churba. I’ve had a multitude of jobs ranging from Aviation, to manufacturing, to marketing, and I’m currently a Freelance journalist, Editor(Fiction and non-fiction, not a journalism type editor) and consultant, but I make pins and challenge coins as a side gig.

As for interests, I’ll try a little bit of anything, but my primary hobbies are Video games, making things, cars and driving, and comics.


Hi! My name is Claudia Foley and I was born on the 12th of November 1991, and started listening to GeekNights in 2007, it was shortly after AppleGeeks had mentioned it.
At the present I am doing a combined Bachelor degree in Business and Science in Information Technology in Sydney, aiming to get into the cyber security field. And if not a field in IT then finance. Unfortunately though to fund my university experience I work in retail for the time being. Get excited about organisational supplies (like drawer organizers, post it notes, etc) despite mess on my desk building up when I sleep.

I love chess, tabletop games, role playing game systems, and I am slowly getting into X-wing!


Devin Goodman, engineering student, broke-ass forklift driver, part time wizard. I build things, fly multirotors, and occasionally post to this forum. Also, I picked up a wife and kid somehow; probably with Wizard Trickery of some sort.


Hey folks, I’m Patrick, or Whistle, depending on what corner of the internet I happen to be in. I’m a Mechanical Engineer currently working around the Baltimore area, doing CAD work. I dabble in a lot of nerdiness but my primary focus is robotics control and 3D printing. Hopefully soon I’ll be taking the FE and somehow passing it.

I can be a bit of a hermit and lurker but occasionally I’ll jump into a thread and do my best to contribute (or at least be amusing in the attempt). I know almost nobody in here, but this is one of the most reasonable forums on the planet, and thus one of the most enjoyable to peruse.

I’ll be joining the horde of Team Skull grunts at Mag. Maybe I’ll see some of you folks there! Look for the one in black, that’s me.


I know a lot of people lurk, but it’s fun to see everyone poking the new forum. Feeling like those heady days of 2008-2009 when everyone was posting all the time!


I always figured since the forum is public, lurkers didn’t make accounts. But no! They need them to be able to figure out what threads have new posts and such.


I’m Scott. The other other other Scott if my count is right.

I design and make stuff. Particularly paintball products, and airplanes. Graduated with a BFA, majoring in Industrial Design, from RISD in 2012.

Id like to live on Mars someday, but could settle for an Earth desert if Musk doesn’t get his space fleets up in time.


[quote=“SWATrous, post:35, topic:41”]
I’m Scott. The other other other Scott if my count is right.
[/quote]This forum’s got Scotts like Washington got dicks.


Thinking about changing my last name to Scotty so I can get on the Scott bandwagon.


I was thinking of changing my first name to OtherScott, just to watch the confusion boil over.


I got dibs on Scottronimous yo.


Is this going to be like the time everyone was Nine?