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good snooping, yeah it’s Raytheon. have worked at 3 different facilities so far. Their coworker gaming groups are pretty weak, but that’s not a surprise considering I’m 27 and still part of the youngest people working there

Sounds about right. Banks and defense are both places waiting for this “internet” fad to pass, so…

I work for a General Dynamics company so, I feel ya, what with being not young but still amongst the young’uns. I’m 30, everyone else in my work-group is at least 50. There was a guy at least 80-something until about 6 months ago, finally made him retire. Lot’s of “this place has gone to crap; back in the 80’s…” I just tell myself that I’m sure they heard a lot of “this place has gone to crap; back in the 40’s…” in their day.


Wow. I’m 36 and I’m the old guy.

Hey all,

I’m Sam Erickson. I’m 36 years old, born and raised in Minneapolis, MN. I’m a husband and dad of two little girls (with a third one on the way). I work as a paramedic in the Twin Cities area and before that I bartended at TGI Friday’s for a decade.

I’ve been really into board games and game design for a while. I saw Rym and Scott’s panel at PAXU and was hooked.

I’m on Twitter a bunch as @samerickson :smile:


Well, I mean, I know like 3 tech writers there and 4 engineers at GD, so when you said “defense contractor in MA” I was like “well that’s only so many options.” :slight_smile:

what’s tech writing like? I’ve been looking to make a career sidestep and was exploring that option

Hi new people waves

Depends on your inclinations. The friends I have who do it are somewhat conflicted because they don’t support strong military intervention but wind up writing manuals for implements of death, so emotionally it can be a struggle.

The work itself, from what they tell me, is satisfying in the way that efficiently organizing your home is satisfying. You try to convey complex concepts in a clear, unambiguous way - so it’s a good challenge trying to think from someone else’s perspective, and to imagine various audiences. The end product is a tight, efficient communication that showcases your skill.

Basically, if you’re into the nuanced complexity of trying to communicate simply and clearly, it can be very rewarding.

Pay’s alright from what I gather, but I don’t usually talk salary with most of my friends. Not for any particular reason - it just doesn’t come up.


that sounds right up my alley, I have an almost fetishistic affinity with absorbing/designing rules systems. Thanks for the info

I’m visiting Lloydminster for business this week. Spyro came to mind a couple days ago because there is a resteraunt here called Spiro’s. Anyhow, my colleague and I just returned from a meal we shared with another forumite he met on another forum. We had a blast! It got me thinking, “I wonder if anyone in here is anywhere nearby.” We are 2,500 miles from home and our rendezvous was way too easy. Anyhow, I searched Alberta and found you. I hope you got things rolling. Cheers!

I’m Joel, born March 12, 1977. Married with children… English is my third language, sorry for all the mistakes I’ll make. Born in Barcelona (Spain), still living there. Owner of a board game shop in the same city. I’ve read many books, watched many films, played many games, but it’s never enough, right? Always willing to learn about what I’m missing.


Living the dream at a board game shop, eh?

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My name is Jamie, I’m 31 and originally from the Hudson Valley in NY state. However, I’ve been in living in East Asia the past 8+ years (currently living in Taiwan now). I’ve worked mostly in manufacturing during my time over here but am now in transition figuring out what I want to do next. I just discovered board games at the end of last year and am hooked. I’ve been going down the rabbit hole the past few months and have watched many of Rym and Scott’s videos. I’m eager to learn more and really get into the hobby. Look forward to interacting with more of you soon.

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Hey, what a coincidence! I’ve had some involvement in Taiwanese manufacturing. Bunch of different things, but right now, I do Enamel pins and some other similar stuff as a side gig. You might also have an interest in the Making Things thread, which is what it says on the tin.

Looking forward to having you around, man!

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What a small world! Thanks for the warm welcome and reaching out!

Hey y’all,

I’m Jeana, from Durham, NC; 33 years old as of March this year. I’m an occasional listener, usually because my partner (@Burritoad) has an episode playing, but I enjoy the discussions a lot and love to catch GeekNights panels at MAGFest. I’ve been lurking here a bit, I sort of miss having a forum to read and y’all like good nerd stuff. Started watching anime again (thanks to Sarazanmai) and figured I should become active so I can chat :slight_smile:

A bit about me: I have two cats, love my hometown, bike to work part time, and write storage appliance documentation for a living. Interests include: Muse, sci-fi, cyberpunk, fantasy, weird anime, local politics and history, eating and cooking interesting food, bike/ped/transit advocacy, the good old days of the internet, languages, and trying to stay optimistic that the future could be cool and not stupid.

I never introduce myself so I’m guessing this is simultaneously too long and missing things I should have said, so I guess lemme know if I ought to have mentioned something else :sweat_smile:


I am also into Muse.

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Josh Smith, I live in philly, born 1987. Graduated from Drexel with my BS in 2011 for screenwriting and MS in Information systems in 2014. I do software support internally for a fintech company and play more games than I should.

Uh oh.

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