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Greetings all! My name is Jonathan. I grew up in northeastern Connecticut, and currently live just outside of Dallas.

I am an avid science fiction and fantasy reader and amateur photographer. I work as a systems engineer for a large data backup and business continuity company. I frequently go on long rants about social responsibility, ownership, and ethics in my industry.

I was introduced to Geeknights via @Alaric while we were in school together.


Hey man, good to have you! I pronounced all the T’s in Connecticut until I was 20-something, and there’s some photography threads somewhere around here, if you search for them, looking forward to seeing your stuff if you want to post it!

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Thanks for the welcome! I all my worthwhile stuff is at


All still true as of the year of our lord 2019, except it’s co-ed now. I was never in it (graduated RIT 2017) but I had friends who were back in 2011-2013 and there’s always some freshman in Anime Club with stories.

I’m fascinated how a culture of a particular floor in a building can be maintained year after year, even though the people change. It makes sense for a frat or something where people will live there for 4 years, and the 3 years of veterans can pass on their culture. But a floor like Fish B2 presumably has all new freshman every single year. Unless the staff that assign people to dorms can tell who the drunken rabble are, and always assign them to the same place, I can’t think of another explanation how the same floor can always be the drunken one.

Hello all! I’m Isaiah, 25 year old software dev working in finance just outside of Philadelphia. Geeknights listener since 2014 when I encountered Rym and Scott at Anime Boston. Graduated computer science major, history minor from RIT in 2017, former RIT anime club eboard member, former director of Guests at Tora-Con (2016-2017) and current Tora-Con guests department mentor. I spend my time gaming, DMing, traveling, and sometimes working on panels for Cons. Had this account for a couple years and finally decided to start using it :sweat_smile:

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It seems to me that the only holdover from year to year is the RA. Even though the population is new the RA damn well knows what the floor’s reputation is and I think that probably shapes what RAs end up placed there. And they in turn probably feel like they have a kind of social permission to let things happen because of the legacy and pass that onto the students coming in. After all, no one is more looking for an excuse to cut loose than college freshmen.

Do you happen to work at a FINTECH company that happens to be named after a certain hard to pronounce (for non-regional-natives) river? If so I work there too.

Fish B2 is unique in two very specific regards. They always (insofar as I know) designate it as an all-male floor. It’s also on a non-elevator-accessible floor. These two attributes are common year-over-year.

Unfortunately no, I work for the boat one.

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@DigitalDeckard @redbaron865 either of you going to Oaks this weekend for the gamer con?

I’m not sadly, this is rest weekend before heading to LA for Anime Expo next week.

googles Oaks,PA “Why is a a conventions center out past Audubon/Valley Forge called the Greater Philadelphia convention center?!?!”

But no I had not heard of said Con or said convention center before this. I have my housewarming party this weekend so just stuck in cleaning and partying and then cleaning again.

My name is Daniel. I’m originally from Sweden, & I live a bit all over the place.

I’m currently in the process of leaving SLC to pursuit some career and family goals. I do a lot of adventure sports, and general adventuring. Big skis, big bikes, ice axes… That kind of thing.

I’m a big fan of Euro-style board games (and other things of that flavor). I was on a video game hiatus for 10 years, but recently caved in and got a switch.

I make money by designing experiences for big companies, tech and otherwise.


Mom’s here. Everyone say hi to @jtvh.

Hi JTVH! Hope you’re going well.

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Hi @jivh. We’re delighted to have you here.

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Hello friends! I’m Lizi’s mom. A bunch of you all know me already from connecticon and Anime Boston and stuff.


Hello! I’m Brad, and back in 2008 I was a 14-year-old Dwarf Fortress fan who was linked here by the developer who made a guest appearance on the podcast and I have been listening ever since! My age meant I belonged to the oft-mentioned demographic of “the kids these days” so it was entertaining and interesting to hear perspectives from across the generational divide. Soon I’ll be twice as old as when I started listening, which is a bit horrifying!

Being into Dwarf Fortress at 14 probably outs me as a bit of a geek, I’m primarily a big fan of PC games and their design but I am well into anime and more recently, binging lots of classic manga. Before Geeknights I’d seen Initial D and loved it, and watched the standard fare cruddy morning-TV anime but I never seeked out anything more. Geeknights encouraged me to check out Tank Police,Trigun, Escaflowne, Gurren Lagann, GitS and Bebop and I was solidly hooked forever more. Without Geeknights’ advice in my formative years, today I would probably be watching Sword Art Online or something, so I am thankful for the gift of good-taste.

I love a good shitpost, so I only lurked here very occasionally on my old forum account and hung out elsewhere online. In the physical world, I’m from the same overrepresented aussie city as some many other users here, but I only said ‘Hi’ at PAX Aus tabletop one year and haven’t met anyone beyond that. I’ll probably continue mostly lurking, but I might pop into games, anime and podcast episode discussions occasionally.


Feels weird to post in this thread but, just thought I’d say that after the longest hiatus I’ve had from here in 10 years, I’m back.