Houses and Home Ownership

Is that because of the school or because George is just awesome? :wink:

Bit of both, I think. He’s an attentive and clever student.


I lived in a place where I noticed fairly immediately that the washing machine had my clothes coming out steaming, and they were also shrinking (I line dry). Since the washer had a steam function, I thought it was being turned on by accident, but it did not appear to be. It took a bit of pestering to get the owners to trace the Hot & Cold water lines… it was reversed from before I had moved in.

It was pretty annoying to say the least, especially since I had recently bought a lot of new clothes, that were subsequently of very limited usability.


My house is need of some maintenance and maybe some upgrades. I’m all thumbs when it comes to fixing anything. Could use some advice/ recommends on where to find good help to fix and update shit in my house.

Angie’s List is the only thing I can think of where you can find like certified and reviewed handyfolks and carpenters etc… but iirc it costs money to subscribe to it?

Not anymore, Angie’s list is free since a couple years ago. Well, free for homeowners that want to hire. It’s paid for by the contractors that are advertising to you through the site.

Huh, I did not know that. I’m still trying to find contractors the old-fashioned way - through other contractors I know.

Ah yes, the old boys network. Always the best way to assure quality and fairness.

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My experience with home contractors so far has been:

  1. I get a recommendation from someone I know and they follow through
  2. I wade through reviews of 2 dozen “Chuck in a truck” style contractors, call half of them, and none of them follow through

It’s honestly maddening, which is why I’m getting on Angie’s List like today to find a fucking electrician because the half a dozen I’ve tried getting a hold of so far haven’t followed through at all.

I am immensely curious as to what is going on with these people. If you have no other job, and someone calls you to pay you money, why wouldn’t you show up to take their money?

Because they have too many other jobs already.


Then if someone calls why do you tell them you will come when you won’t?

Cause they’re also shitty.


Chuck in a Truck is usually undercharging and trying to make up for it in volume so he takes whatever he can grab and then actually does the most lucrative job. Chuck is also usually a dumbass and thinks the $500 drywall job means $500 in his pocket but doesn’t account for time spent and materials. The $50 job putting up a ceiling fan in 30 minutes is more profitable but he can’t figure that out.

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Maybe gotta be a reverse jerk. Tell him you have a huge job when you don’t.

Never entangle your affairs and/or fuck with shitty people who know your phone number or address. They have less to lose and are powered by spite.


Unfortunately this brings us back to our initial solution, the super fair way of word of mouth by contractors you already know, aka the old boys network.

Our contractor is taking forever.

It’s been weeks since he started, and this other construction project that he had already been contacted to do early in 2018 has dragged on forever due to complications with weather, people changing their minds, people bring fired, extra work being added, and mechanical failures.

I’m starting to lose my patience. He does good work, he’s exacting, he wants his work to look like new construction, he’s inexpensive. But he just came in and did no work again because the bonding material on the floors in the bathrooms hasn’t dried out enough.

I’m becoming worried that February will roll around and he won’t be done. We’ve still got floors and painting throughout the home he needs to do. And now he’s saying he needs to get new door frames because it “won’t look right” if he just undercuts the doors for the new floor, with literally everyone does. I have to keep insisting that we don’t have money to keep making additions and referring him back to what’s in the contract.

He’s also said that his other contract will be done on Friday, but we’ve heard this several times already.

It’s annoying, but he’s not made me angry…yet.

Check your local high school or community education program. I took an intro welding class that was super fun at a local manufacturer that was run through the high schools “continuing education” program. The also offered cooking, pottery, and languages.

We wisely got gutter guards to protect our new run of gutters. We have enough trees drop shit every season that the old gutters were literally clogged every season. Gutter guards mean we get more life out of the gutters!


We also slacked on clearing off the gutter guards.

Then it rained.

Water, man. It’s bullshit.

But overall it’s easy to deal with, so lesson learned!

Meanwhile, we just got a quote for replacing my entire driveway, all 2600 square feet of it - it’s too far gone for meaningful repair to be of any value, so it’s a full replacement. We’ll keep shopping around, but I’m pretty sure these quotes are all going to come in around the same. Not bad - just a bit under $10k, which is honestly what I was anticipating for a full replacement.