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Is a cooker a… stove?

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Yep. A cooker the whole unit, rather than the stove and oven, which are different parts of the cooker.

It’s really nice having the kitchen arranged how you want it. I completely redid our kitchen a couple years ago with Craigslist parts. The best part is having a drainboard on the sink, the downside is that it’s still not completely done - I need to do some kind of cabinet around the fridge and install the trim. Modular cabinets sound way easier instead of table saw and glue :slight_smile:

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Speak to me of dishwashers.

Who has one that they like?

I’m in the market to replace ours, and I’m looking for a nice quiet high-efficiency one that has a high-quality effective manual filter.

We don’t want one with a built-in disposal because we’d rather not send all kinds of crap to our septic tank, but we also want one that will efficiently capture loose food particles without sending small chunks down the drain.

I’m given to understand that most American ones are designed to pair with a disposal, and most European ones have good manual filters, but I’m not really familiar enough with the equipment to shop effectively.


I think this is the one my father-in-law went with when replaces theirs for the same reasons. When we were moving from the place we were renting into our current house, I had to use it a couple times and it works quite well, though am unsure if it will be as quiet as you want.

Turns out our house is improperly grounded and the electrical switchboard isn’t tripping properly.

We’ve been here for 2 1/2 years without the safety of proper earthing.

£200 for the new earth connection and £500 for the new switch board, we need an electrician to sign off the new extension so we have a utility room with no power and white goods throughout the house.

Can’t complain too much about the white goods. They’ve been placed that way since January when we started this 10 week project.

Yeah, our main panel was improperly grounded too. I just moved the ground through a window and outside to a grounding rod.

Janky wiring is SO MUCH FUN.

Yep. When we were getting our solar installed, we discovered that the house and the workshop next door were all running to the mains together off a single 4mm patch wire. It’s a genuine miracle the place didn’t burn down.

I have an electrician coming next week to upgrade our service to 200Amp. He mentioned he would have to upgrade the house ground and put in a new one at the workshop, so, I really hope that he pays the proper attention to that.

Looking at the possibility of buying a manufactured home without taking out a mortgage. Would anybody be able to share their experience with employing the services of a property manager and offer advice?


I assume the term property manager is the same as real estate agent? Cause usually when I think about Property managers I think of the people who manage rental properties for you.


Yes, having someone manage a rental for me is what I mean. I’m fine with my current living situation but if I bought the place I could get income from it and either live there one day or sell it to get money for another place.
The question I’m asking myself is if it’s better to have ~$70k in savings bonds or a band new prefab house on a rented lot.
This question gets a lot simpler if employing a property manager is a bad idea.

At least in my view if it’s just one unit, you probably don’t need one. but if you are far away or don’t want any hassle, it’s not a bad deal. .If your paying cash, you don’t have to worry about paying the Mortgage/expenses AND the cut from the property manager.

Really depends if the cut is worth it for what they provide. Even having been royally screwed, I’d probably not do it since I have the resources to handle most screw ups. Plus while it’s “bad business”, I know at least being the landlord I’m not going to be a dick compared to whatever the property manager is going to do

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For me it would represent 70% of my life savings. (aside from retirement funds) Getting screwed over would be catastrophic for me.
After taking out lot fees, property taxes, insurance, and the manager’s cut the property should earn me 300-400 a month.

Soooooo 14 years to break even in the best-case scenario?

If you sank that $70k into an index fund with a 5% return (let’s say an average 6% returning fund with 1% in fees, which is ridiculous), you’d double your money in that same time.

If you don’t intend to live there now, you might be legitimately better off just investing in the market, and then outright buying a house when you’re able.

Houses can also go very very wrong in a hurry, so whatever you estimate in maintenance costs is probably too low.


A first for me: I cleaned out the bathroom sink drain—both the P-trap and the stopper. My partner has long hair so it was a horror show.

:muscle: :tada:


Replaced our old and crumbling cast concrete stoop with built steps that better match the brick of the house.



After it dries it’s getting some planters on the steps down the sides.


Nice. I’ll have to share a before and after on the replacement for the deathtrap that are my back stairs.