Gun Control


If 3D printing makes gun control less effective, why not just go hardcore on bullet control instead?

EDIT: Apparently usable (but very dodgy) bullets can be 3D printed too, but if both the gun and the bullets are 3D printed then shit will break a lot.


Trading in shares of gun and arms manufacturers should be frozen after every shooting.


I’ll piggy back onto this. Afghan has been kicking six shades out of invaders since the time of Alexander the great. This have had centuries to perfect their style of warfare. Mean while big Bubba and Slim Jim are going to be easy pickings when they stop off for macky dee’s or return to roost for the lastest episode of Duck Dynasty.


I don’t think it makes it less effective yet, just down the line. Like what we’ve seen so far was people manufacturing parts of an AR but using factory-made receivers, or people making their first 3d-printed plastic guns that were definitely less effective than any professionally manufactured weapons. Then the government put some bans in place (probably mostly because the manufacturers are afraid of not getting a cut) and it’s gone under the radar mostly since.

But obviously technology has the potential to get a lot better.



Afghanistan is pretty much the perfect piece of real estate to wage a guerrilla warfare from that isn’t a jungle.

Besides, the faction that wants private ownership of weapons in case of an overreaching government couldn’t wait to line up to kiss the fascist ass of Trump and his gang.

Here’s the reality of guns in America:

There are more gun shops in America then there are McDonald’s and there is a McDonald’s every 100 miles or closer in America.

The organization responsible for tracking guns is not allowed to use computers.


I agree.


40000 people were killed by cars last year.

I am honestly in favor of banning both guns and cars.


The analogy breaks down with cars. Pizza is at least a pure enjoyment thing similar to guns.


You can’t live without food. Pizza is just one kind of food. Eat a different kind

You can’t live without transportation. Cars are just one kind of transportation. Use a different kind.


Except that in much of the US different kinds are woefully inadequate if they exist at all.


Well, I would gladly inconvenience two hundred million people if it saves the lives of 40,000. Hell, I would inconvenience all 7 billion people if it saved the lives of 1 person. I think the 40,000 dead people PEAR YEAR
in the US ALONE, would agree. Everyone who chooses to live in a car place, participate in car culture, is responsible for those deaths just as anyone participating in gun culture is responsible for the gun deaths. There are non-car options available. Yeah, getting rid of guns is easier than getting rid of cars, but we should still do both for the same reason.

Also, the car death figure does not include people who die or get sick from lung disease from pollution. Consider how many kids who have asthma because cars. It’s not just deaths from being hit.


Fuck you, I like cars.


In New York, yes. Where I and a lot of other people live, in smaller cities, there aren’t, and before you argue walking/biking that only works for able-bodied, non-handicapped people. There is no bus in my town. If I did not have a car I would be physically incapable of going to my job.


Old article, but a good example of how fucked up things are when it comes to guns in America.


We have at least put in some minimal effort to make cars safer and have some basic requirements in order to buy / drive them, but yeah I’d be happy to ditch mine if I could. “Cars” is also broader than “guns” in the sense of practical use cases. “Car” tends to include any vehicle bigger than a motorcycle and smaller than a bus. Arguments for changes in vehicle use tend to be primarily reduction in single person per vehicle commuting to jobs and the like, which I’m all for, but is different from “get rid of cars.”



Let’s keep it to guns here. As much as I too want to ban cars, that is a much more complex and difficult issue due to the realities of American infrastructure and history.

Banning cars would require massively restructuring the entire nation on a scale never before seen. Banning most guns really only hurts gun nuts, gun enthusiasts, and gun lobbying groups.

Gun registration and competency requirements harm no one.


Just saying. People are rightfully mad about all the senseless death from guns. Cars kill more, and the anger is zilch, relatively speaking. Something to think about.


It’s a technology problem. As technology improves, cars get more safe and more reliable with more and more features for comfort and ease of driving. As technology improves, guns kill more people more efficiently.

For cars to kill fewer people we just need better and better cars. For guns to kill fewer people you need worse and worse guns.


Better laws help both cases.