One funny thing we encountered in London was the sheer number of shell game scams. Over a dozen on one street approaching Westminster alone.

They all had the exact same hustle. Two guys running the scam. A lady with dark dyed hair, long black eyelashes, and a dark coat pretending to watch and trying to gather a crowd. A faker in a white tshirt “winning” money.

They were all dressed pretty-much the same, arranged the same, had the same pitch, etc… Clockwork.

Undercover intelligence agents.

I’m really surprised people fall for that stuff. Cups and Balls is like… An afternoon to learn. Same with three-card monty; you can learn the false throw in that one usually within the space of a few hours.

I’m never sure why people don’t turn over two at the same time and point to the third and say “It’s under there”.

People are fond of their kidneys?

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Yeah. The only way to “win” at these sorts of games is not to play. Even if you figure out just how they’re trying to cheat you so you can outsmart them, the kinds of people who try to pull these scams aren’t likely to take being called out as being scammers well. If you’re lucky, they may just physically threaten you to give them their money anyway. If you’re not lucky, well, let’s not just go there.