Global Thermonuclear War

Early nuclear tests weren’t in danger of igniting the atmosphere. The scientists were kind of sure it wouldn’t.

But they also were concerned with the ocean:

if the Earth’s oceans had twenty times more deuterium than they actually contain, they could be ignited by a 20 million megaton bomb (which is to say, a bomb with the yield equivalent to 200 tera tons of TNT, or a bomb 2 million times more powerful than the Tsar Bomba’s full yield).

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Seeing this thread start last night scared the shit out of me.

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At least, I can say I’d probably tweet before I’d post here if I were giving “the bad news” on any nuclear development.

I stand by my promise that I’ll never lie about or minimize this stuff, and that no news is always good news. :wink:

Is a cleansing conflagration really such a bad thing given the current state of the world?

I’m always reminded of this board game. I feel like I see an unloved copy of it in every game store and every game library, but have never played it, or even looked inside the box.

We have that game here atTvHQ. I think dad just loaded it into the basement but we have it, I remember trying to learn it with my friend Mosby but the instructions weren’t very readable.