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That’s arguably the entire point of Planescape.


It’s more that books for those settings aren’t in 5e yet, and a lot of the old content is super not compatible with 5e. But people are hoping that adding Eberron and Ravnica means that the other popular settings will eventually get books turning the content into 5e compatible content.


I have no idea anymore

DnD 6th Ed, eSport edition?


Sounds like he wants that Hearthstone money, and Magic is how they’re going to get there.

“Fantasy games like Dungeons & Dragons” could include Magic, and “build into esports properties” could just be streaming RPGs.


We already learned at Unplugged that the President of WotC doesn’t know jack shit about games. The CEO of Hasbro definitely doesn’t. The WotC President is a marketing exec. The Hasbro CEO is a film producer. Another Transformers movie anyone?

In any industry, the best businesses are the ones where leadership comes from the product side. Game developer in charge of the game company. Engineer in charge of the tech company. Author in charge of the book publisher. Musician in charge of the record company. Mechanic or pro driver in charge of the car company. These are companies that will put the product and the customer above all other things, for good or ill.

Look at Amazon run by engineers. Saints? Hell no. They do all kinds of evil. But all those evils are in service of the customer. They fuck over everyone else like their labor force, suppliers, etc.

When you see a marketing and finance in charge of a company, you do not want to be their customer. You might want to invest in them, as they might be financially successful, but you don’t want to buy what they’re selling.



Oh nice I follow her on Twitter, she does cool work.


Planescape canonically contained every published AD&D setting. Including the ones that thought they had very different cosmologies (Dark Sun.)



Earthsea vibes detected.


As an aside, and being somewhat of a grammar stickler, I’m curious why TORAH and ILIAD didn’t get a “THE” in front of them, but DYING EARTH did. Gilgamesh, Achilles, and Conan are all people, so a “THE” isn’t necessary. But THE Torah and THE Iliad are books. Why are they different from THE Dying Earth?

I’m sure there’s no real reason, it just bugs me.



Only 2½ days left on this!


We recorded a two person D&D session and released it as a podcast on the SFBRP feed. We might do this again if there is good feedback!

Luke and Juliane Play D&D #001 – Goblins Are Made of Weak Spots

Join Loralynn Woodsheart and Crutlin Carter, students at Shafire Battleheart’s Dungeoneering Academy, on their first real, non-training mission into the old mines.


I like weird games.




When I played regular-arse D&D in ancient times, I was afraid of two things.

Level loss, and rust monsters.





Basic D&D save or die was scarier than most of that… especially with how everything had it.

Also there’s always the cousin of the rust monster…