General Cartoon Network Chat

I think 6 PM is as early as Adult Swim has ever been, baring if there’s been any full-day takeovers of CN. I’m of mixed opinion; the front half of [as] is usually just KotH, American Dad, and Bob’s Burgers, which is fine, but not what I turn to [as] for.

The trailer for the Venture Bros. movie is up on Amazon! (Click the trailer button next to “This video is currently unavailable to watch in your location.”)

Primal has been greenlit for a third season. Teaser here.

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I saw that when flipping through the channels last night. WTF.

The Venture Bros. movie is out now!

Go get it on Amazon.

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Disney+ just launched a beta Hulu hub for subscribers who have both apps in one bundle.

…which means the Cartoon Network hub is now on Disney+

I think this is the right spot for this

The thumbnail is a lie fwiw